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If you truly have a big dream then you will no that in order to achieve the dream you will not do it as a lone ranger! I have seen people who want to do their thing a lone and they do not want people to know abou the ideas that they have because they are afraid that someone will come to them to hijack the idea so all they do is keep the idea to themselves and the ideas just end up in the folders where they have been kept all along! Without trying to be insensitive to the feelings of those who want their ideas protected, can I ask if you would rather have your idea stolen or imitated than have the idea lying dormant in a folder? Selah – Think deeply about that!
I guess I would want to be a copy for others to imitate than just seat still and do nothing about my ideas but I should also say that you do not have to be afraid about your ideas being stolen and that’s not a good enough reason for you to be lone ranger when you eventually step out boldly to face your fears and achieve your dreams! That can be a little tough but as I always do for my own intellectual properties, you will see the copyright symbol just in front of my name for most of the articles that I write so when anyone tampers with the article the person cannot be taken as innocent.
My focus is on being a lone ranger but I had to delve into one of the several reasons that people have given for trying to work alone and still get things done! You can’t work alone and get anything done in life and one of the proofs is your growing up years! When you were born some people had to carry! Your mother had to feed you! Some people helped you walk when you began to take your first steps! You had another set of people help you talk when you started pronouncing your first few words! You fell a couple of times but you were brought up by those raising you and you need to know that it is the same thing in life and business! You business will grow through all the phases that you went through as a baby and it is only when it grows through that phase that it can stand and succeed! Even when you were able to talk and feed on your own you still had to remain within the family system before you could talk about getting married! Well the good news is that if you are married then you have also started another set of support system and it will continue that way so you cannot take your business or ideas away from a support system that’s available or that you can tap into from the society!
Every good business like every human being should be in a strong support system just as humans are in a family system! The support system comprises your business counselors, dedicated staff or clients, sponsors in the case of an organisation and the business structure you have put in place to make sure the business runs with or without you when you are out! One of the things I have seen is that so many businesses are not moving up just because they owners do not have partners and they can just bring in one trusted part to get the business going or the idea moving! I cannot pretend I don’t know how people can sometimes change then turn around to stabb you in the back but you have to be careful how you go about choosing people to still get your business done! Businesses must continue even if people choose not to!
Stop being a lone ranger with this dream of yours! Learn to let your dream outlive you and if it will then the dreams must go beyond you to other people!
Live your life! Live your dreams and don’t go alone anymore!
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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