Don’t be afraid to fail! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

A lot of people jet out of the house in the morning and return in the evening to start thinking about what they have achieved for the day. Some people feel a little encouraged while so many others feel very discouraged. They really don’t see why they should get up the following day with the same passion or energy to go through the same process all over again! Some other people keep at what they are doing because they are afraid to fail and some don’t want to get into it again because they do not want to fail.
I dare say to you that you should never be afraid to fail! I think that one of the best ways to even succeed is to prepare your mind for possible challenges on your way. You should know that you will surmount some challenges easily and there are some that will shake you. They will not only shake you, they will make you a better person and leave you with some experiences. Those experiences that challenges leave you with might be all that you need to succeed at the next level.
When you are not afraid to fail, people can no longer threaten you with failure! Always bear in mind that when a lecturer or teacher threatens a student with failure, it is because he or she knows that the student is afraid to fail. When you are not afraid to fail then the threat to fail yo becomes a very weak tool.
Failure is an important part of success for everyone whose success is also going to last! This is one of the reasons you should never be afraid to fail. Sometimes your success makes more sense to the people who are hearing your story when they hear about how many times you have tried and failed. I know a famous speaker in Nigeria today who was in the university for a four year course but ended up spending 12 years. How he was managing all through those years is not what I can explain but he is out there today helping other people think differently and live a better life.
I also remember and like to make references, when I can, to the fact that Reverend Sam Adeyemi, a great man who pastors about a 20,000 member church with a lot of impact on the community will always say, ‘I have tried so many things that didn’t work. I have also tried a few things that worked! Most people don’t know those things I tried that did not work but they always see the things I have succeeded at.’ This is very important for me and I hope it makes a lot of sense to you as well. When you fail and learn, you will be able to move forward and succeed beyond your imaginations. By the time you succeed so well, people will barely remember how you failed or what you failed at. They will only remember that you have become successful.
Do not be afraid to fail because some of the vital lessons of success cannot be taught. They can only be experienced. Even if you find someone to teach you, it may not make much meaning to you until you are in the situation and it will be clear to you.
Lastly, I would like to remind you that failing at one thing can propel you to succeed at so many other things! I have shared severally how I failed as a secondary school student and that propelled me to achieve my dream of becoming a better student and also becoming the Senior Prefect at Mayflower School.
If you are not afraid to fail, you will be able to get anything especially leveraging on your experience in failure! Keep moving, fail and move on to success!
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