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If we are to diagnose many of the problems that some people are having, they will not be unconnected to mental laziness. This can’t be further from the truth when you think about joblessness, poverty and a few other issues.
Someone out there believes that he can wake up and outrightly become the responsibility of the government. So if the government does not wake up to that responsibility, they become the liability of the society. Some of them turn to streets to beg or start robbing others of their prized possessions.
I am not saying the government should not provide jobs but what happens when the government fails to provide the jobs? Every responsible citizen should be the concern of the government but when the government has not seen you as a responsibility or is not able to proffer solutions, what do you do?
To wait endlessly or absolutely on other people in order to live or move forward in life is the definition of mental laziness. How can you be waiting and hoping on a system that is not yet sure of itself and you do nothing until the system is ready to do something for you?
Many who even say they are looking for jobs are mentally lazy. If the government has not done anything for you and there is no one willing to help you yet, wake up and use your head. There must be something you can do.
There should be a skill you already have that you can use to work or a skill you will have to go and learn so that you can become relevant to others and useful to yourself. It is absolutely irresponsible to wait and do nothing or even claim that you are hoping for a job.
Don’t be to lazy to think and think very hard. Don’t be too lazy to spend time thinking on what you can and must do to get out of your present predicament.
You will be shocked that many around you will never get out of their predicament until they stop the mental laziness that has become a life style for them. Stop expecting people to think for you while they have their own issues to worry about. People have burdens to deal with and their own burdens too are overwhelming.
The consolation that you might have is the fact that when people see you making effort, they can then put in their contributions or give you a great relief. Whatever happens, stop expecting a miracle when you are not using your head at all. Your head should be working at all times. You have to rack your brain consistently till you find a way out. Don’t just sit around, wait around and then think something will come out of the blue as the solution to what you want.
I have seen that when you spend time thinking, solutions come. I even think that the reason your head is on top of the body is that when you use your head, you will be on top of the situation.
Start and don’t stop using your head. Don’t ever remain, if you have been, mentally lazy.
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