Don’t bring your need to the market place │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you are in business then you must be ready for real business and you also need to understand that people in business are actually in business to negotiate from their positions of advantage. When you want to negotiate from your position of advantage you must be offering something that the other people want from you rather than telling them want you want from them only and expecting to get business done. You cannot go to people and tell them to do business with you because you have bills to pay. You will not go into the market place and tell them please, come and do business with me because I have debts to settle or that you desperately need accommodation so they should do business with you. That means you are bringing your need to the market place. In the market place, nobody honours your need! It is your skills that are honoured!
You should never even discuss the needs that you have with your clients. When you have sharpened your skills and you know what you are doing, what you must market all the time is the skills that you have. When people are looking for people to do business with, they don’t say please let’s look for someone who has so many needs to come and supply these goods to us. They will never say let’s look for someone who is deeply in debt to come and handle our contract for us. They will let’s see what you have or what you have done. They want to see people with skills and people who can give them the best. When they are even stating the qualifications required to be able to bid for their contract, they will tell you they are looking for people who have years of experience. That simple means they don’t care about the needs that you have. They only care about the skills that you can use to get things done and get paid.
It is possible that you have been losing some contracts that you were supposed to get and you are wondering why you lost them. You need to reflect on some of your conversations with your clients. Have you been trying to lure them into giving you contracts because you have serious needs? You need to know that the moment you mention needs to some clients, you will never get anything from them again. There is nobody who does not have needs to meet. As a matter of fact, everyone is in business so that they can make money and pay their basic bills and as well get some other luxurious things of life. Some other people have gone into business because they have some desperate needs to meet but when they get to the place of business, they forget their needs. They never talk about them. They simple talk about what they can do and how they can do it. Some companies or clients will immediately conclude that since you have mentioned your needs, it is your needs you will go and sort before you do their job. In some cases they will also be led to believe that you will not even do their job at all.
When you have brushed up yourself and you have worked very hard on your skill, all you need to market is your skill and the skills will bring jobs that can pay your bills. To make money, offer services and never market your needs. Market your skills!
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