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We really need you to be around for a long time so that you can continue to contribute your quota to the development of the society and the businesses springing up in it but that will never become a reality if you burn out too soon.
I once saw a movie where some young police officers where to be trained in responding to emergencies with focus on improving efficiency while still delivering in the shortest possible time. The officer who was to handle the training did all he could to ensure the team got the best but one of the guys of the team was trying hard to show off his skills. He feels he is the best shooter and should be put in the position to take any major aim at a person who perceived to be dangerous and must be brought down. the team leader did not have a problem with that but he wanted to train other people to be that good.
At some point the clash between the sharp shooter and the officer handling the training was becoming too often so the officer in charge of the training came up with a simple test. They both would hit a dial and if the officer in charge of the training has a lower number, he would stop the training and let someone else handle it. If this sharp shooter gets the lower number, he would have to pack his bags and leave the team.
They both agreed to go by the results of the test so the sharp shooter was to go first. He prepared really hard and punched the dial as hard as he could but could not get much out of it. The officer handling the training just went straight for the short gun hanging on the sharp shooter waist, turned it backwards and used the bottom of the gun to hit the dial. It kept rolling for a long time and it looked as if it was never going to stop but it finally did. Immediately the sharp shooter began to protest and said, but that’s cheating! He was promptly reminded that they only agreed to hit the dial and never placed any limit on what could be used to hit it. The officer in charge of the training then said, you had the gun but never used it. Always use what you have.
The simple message was clear to this very skillful guy. He had just learnt that you could be skillful but you need to be very smart. If all you have is a skill then you will burn out sooner than you can imagine.
How to avoid burning out
– Reduce your shouting it drains you quickly
– Always have a planner so that you do not keep working and not achieving anything. – Use more machines than using your energy
– Spend time consulting people so you can get things done faster – Don’t be shy or afraid to ask help
– Be smart enough to get some rest so that you can go further
If you think you always have to be on the move and never get some rest, someone has said you will soon be laid to rest if you refuse to rest. Work smartly and calmly but avoid burning out so that you can get up and keep going again!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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