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There was the story of a young lady who would always cut the fishes she bought in a particular way and when asked why she cut them, she would simply say that was how her mother cut them before frying. The person who asked the question was still curious and decided to go to the mother to ask why she was cutting the fishes that way. The mother also said her mother cut it that way before frying so she starting cutting her fishes that way. Thankfully grandma was still alive. So she was approached and asked why she would cut her fishes in a certain way before frying. Grandma responded by saying, ‘I had a small frying pan and there was no way the fishes would fit in if I don’t cut them that way.’
Interestingly the children did not understand why grandma did what she did but they already made it a habit to do it the way she would do it even though they had bigger frying pans and had no reason to cut their own fishes that way.
There are so many of us today who are cutting down our vision because we have seen other people cut down their vision. We believe that is the way things are done and we are doing things we cannot explain. The more interesting part is that we are also not asking questions that we should ask. We just go ahead and do what others are doing.
Imagine if these ladies had asked their mother why she was cutting the fish in a certain way. They would have been told that the frying pan was the issue and since they had a bigger one there would be no need to cut the fishes. Are you one of those cutting down on your vision today simply because others are also cutting down theirs?
There are those who are also cutting down their vision because of the economy. You should not cut down your vision because of the economy of the country that you are in. Someone once said that it is not the economy of the bush that determines what the lion will eat. Other animals may complain about not having enough grass to graze but the lion will always eat fresh flesh. They go out on daily basis for fresh meat even if other animals don’t have enough to eat.
The story of the lion should encourage us to note that the economy of the nation should not determine how big or small our visions should be. We have to always dream big and work towards the big dream that we have in our hearts. One thing you must remember about working with a big dream is that there will be challenges. At some points it will look like it is not possible. You may also seem to be stuck. If you don’t give in then you will eventually make headway with those dreams.
No matter what happens, you should not cut down your dreams to suit the economy of the nation. It may be your dream that will save the nation from its economic situation. By the time you now cut down the dream then the economic situation continues for longer than anyone can imagine.
When you look at circumstances to determine how big you can dream then you are already limiting the dream and the possibility of achieving it. I dare you to dream big. I encourage you to look away from circumstances. I charge you to follow that dream regardless of the size because the dream can be achieved regardless of the situation.
If you dream does not fit in a place, take your dream to another place. When that place becomes big enough to accommodate your dream then you may consider doing something there. Instead of acting like the grandma cutting the fishes because of the size of the frying pan, get a bigger frying pan for your dreams. Go to a place where your dreams are encouraged but never cut down on your dreams or vision!

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