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I have seen several people who are trying very hard to succeed but while making all the efforts they can to succeed you can also tell that they are greatly afraid about their chances of succeeding in those things that they are working very hard at! I have also seen some other people who simply talk about how difficult it is to break into the big league of their field so all they ever do is to work very hard and also wish they can just break into the big league but they keep imagining how hard it would be! When you really intend to succeed then one of the things that you must do is to take away the doubt that surrounds everything you intend to succeed in!
You cannot continue to work and spend all your productive energy trying to get something while your mind simply does not trust that your hands can make anything good from all the things that you are struggling with! Your mind and your hands must have a strategic alliance that can truly aid the success that you desire! When you want to greatly succeed then you must constantly think about the possibility of that success and never doubt the fact that you can succeed. You should never allow the intimidation of other people’s successes get in your own way and never think that you also cannot get into the big league of those in your industry! When it looks like things are really difficult you just need to see them in a different perspective. You should not always look at the difficult side alone and you should never allow the things you see determine the things you can imagine!
For those who really have it in mind to succeed you will see that one other type of thinking they have is the ‘Limitless possibility thinking.’ They don’t assume that they will ever get to a point in their life, career, business, marriage or any other thing where they will no longer be able to forge ahead! It’s not a part of their thoughts to think about the things that will not work or the things that can possibly go wrong. Even though they plan and they may see some of the things that can go wrong but they don’t spend their energy worrying about the things that can go wrong! They only focus on all the things that can possibly go right and they let other things be until they get to another cross road. When you keep thinking of what may not go well then you will see more of what may not go well and when you also think about what may go well you also see what may go well! There is a way our thoughts absolutely determine what’s in our hands and ultimately what becomes of our lives!
You will find some people who start a business and they are already thinking if the business will ever succeed and there are those who just got married and they are already thinking about the possible failure of the marriage! You must not doubt the possibility of your success in you want to succeed and you should always prepare in advance so that when you are optimistic things will work, it will not just be what can be called empty optimism!
Those who think they will succeed and also work at succeeding without doubting the possibility of succeeding will always be able to succeed so stop doubting your chances of success! The more you doubt your chances of success the more you slim your chances of succeeding! Keep believing and keep succeeding!
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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