Don’t generalise your confessions | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Making great and positive confessions are very important. It is necessary for you to make confessions because your mouth can drive you to your destination in life. Your mouth can also drive you to unwanted places. However, it is not enough to just make confessions. You must make specific confessions.
I have heard people say, ‘I will be great in life.’ That is a good one and you need to make that kind of statement very often. But the real question is, ‘what will you be great at?’ You can just say that you want to be great. That is only a first level in your confession. You must then take it to the next level by mention the things that will make you great.
Imagine you have two people who are making a confession and one says, ‘God will bless me and I will become great.’ The other says, ‘I will become a great doctor and solve people’s health problems. In my lifetime, the world will reckon with me as a medical doctor.’ You already which confession is more specific when you compare the two confessions.
Among other things, making a specific confession also helps you to focus on what is really needful. You can narrow down your own efforts or pursuits to some specific tasks. You can’t just go on hoping to be blessed or hoping to be great. You should mention what you want to be great at.
You may see that you have been saying certain things over the years and nothing has happened. You have been consistent in making your confessions and you now even think that the confessions probably don’t work. If confessions work, how come you have used them repeatedly and nothing has happned?
Well, you should try a different thing. Make a very specific confession. When I make my confession, I pick my businesses one after the other and make confessions about them. I talk about the industries that I am in and what I want to become in those industries. I say things that I want to become in five years and in ten years and more. I have tried this repeatedly and it works.
I am not just hoping to be great, I am going to be so great that centuries after me, people will still be reading my books and reading about my works. What exactly do you say when you claim that you are saying something positive? You have to be sure that you are hitting the nail on the head.
Many of us, with our confessions, are just swinging the hammer and we are swinging really hard. But you and I know that when you swing the hammer and you don’t hit the nail, there will be no result! You may even injure yourself. The way to hit the nail on the head in your confession is to be very specific about the things you want and who you want to become.
As you make specific confessions repeatedly, just watch your life turn around. Start from today and hit the nail on the head. 

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