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I recently wrote about ‘adjusting till death’ where the frog does not feel the heat of the water if thrown into the water before the water starts boiling. It just gradually adjusts until it dies. It is worthy of note that so many human beings are also getting used to so many things that they should never get used to
Sometimes some people have gotten so used to the abnormalities that the normal things have become strange to them. A great example is electricity in the part of the world where I come from. It is a natural thing right now to not have power supply from the distribution companies but once there is power supply and it is stead for some hours or even days, everyone becomes shocked.
That’s because the people have become so used to the abnormal things. A few others have become so used to poverty as well that wealth is very strange to them. When you hear them talk or you see them act, you know that they have been in that state of poverty for so long that they just can’t get out of it if don’t take their minds out of it first.
You may be in a terrible situation right now. Don’t get so used to it and say that is your condition. You are more, and I mean far more, than the condition that you are in right now. Don’t get used to the wrong things. I know that if people stay too long in the wrong environment or with the wrong people, they just might get used to them.
There are those who have become used to scarcity of many. When you mention big money to them there will be trouble. They just don’t understand what you are talking about or where that kind of money is going to come from.
What is it that your present situation is already conditioning you to get used to? This things don’t happen instantly and sometimes you yourself will not know that you are already getting used to the wrong things or to terrible situation.
I want to strongly implore you to never get used to situations that take hope away from you and make you live with mediocrity. At the end of the day, that situation will not just live you with mediocrity, it will make you retrogress in life.
Never allow your present situation limit your aspirations or put a peg on your mind. You may be something that you don’t like on the outside right now but the good news is that you can create what you want on the inside. And you also should remember that if only you hold unto the right picture in your mind long enough, your life on the outside will soon look like what it is on the outside.
Some people are used to things not working. Some people have failed so much that they no longer expect to succeed. There are those who have never been able to start anything worthwhile so they get used to the peanuts they earn as salary. Let me challenge you a bit. If there is anyone around you who is doing better than you are, then you should take up the challenge to be better than who you are right now.
Notice I didn’t say you should struggle to be better than that person. No, that’s not the focus. The focus is for you to be better than who you are today, move on from where you were yesterday, get to new levels and prove to yourself that you can determine situations rather than situations limiting your life.
Don’t get used to failing. Don’t get used to being rejected. Don’t get used to the wrong things happening or the situations working against you. When you do, you have unconsciously shut down in your mind and you are gradually shutting down your life. 

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