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Sometimes we make the mistake of holding back our seeds because we think that what we have is not enough. When we do this, we easily forget that the reason we do not have enough is not that we do not get enough but that we do not give enough. I have heard a popular quote repeatedly from Rev. Sam Adeyemi though I think it was from Dr. Mike Murdock which says, ‘if what you have in your hands is not enough to be your harvest, then turn it into a seed.’ Too many of us are hoping that one day and in one way we will get blessed but while hoping to get blessed, we have forgotten that we still have something in our hands that can be a blessing to those around us.
You must have heard the saying that what goes around comes around. If you are hoping for a harvest or any kind of miracle, it is about the best time to look out for what you can give to other people. When you look out for something in your house that has been lying dormant and you turn it into a seed then you open up ways for yourself. You make it easier for yourself to receive things that you have been expecting. Before you get too mathematical about these, let me explain something else. Sometimes when you give something, you may get a bigger form of what you have given. At other times, you may get something in return that is not in any way like what you gave. I should also say that there are times you give and when the result of that giving comes, you would have forgotten and will not be able to connect the seed you gave to the result that you got.
Once in a while when things happen for you, some ideas might just pop up in your head that what you are getting now is as a result of what you did sometimes ago. It is always very important for you to release your seed instead of holding it back.
What kind of seeds am I talking about here? They are simple seeds. And remember I call them seeds and that means they don’t necessarily have to be very big. Once in a while it just might mean a plate of food for someone who does not know where the next meal is coming from. It could be a cold glass of drink for a thirsty person who cannot afford the drink. Sometimes all you need to do is to buy a pair of shoes for someone. Just very simple shoes because you can see they really need shoes. When you get on the bus or train with someone, you can pay their fares. There is someone who is looking for a job and you can pass a recommendation for that person to get a job, please do it and don’t hesitate. Do you know someone who is in the hospital, it is nice to pray for them but go beyond praying to giving them some provisions and pay a part or all the bills if you can. When you do this, you are opening up doors for yourself in the future. It is an easier way to also convince people that you love them. It is a lot easier than telling them that you love them. This is action speaking louder than words.
There are people who do not have good cloths and you have so many. Look into your wardrobes and bring out all those cloths that you have had there for years. Especially from those cloths that you have not worn or even considered to wear in the last one year. It could also be an old furniture or your refrigerator that you no longer use because you bought new ones. Instead of letting them take up space in your house, convert them into a seed and make others happy.
If you think all I have been saying is not necessary, then consider one more thing. The miracle you have been hoping for is in the hands of someone just as the miracle others are hoping for might be in your hands. When you let go other people’s miracles in your hands, your own miracles in other people’s hands will come to you. Start searching your house or look around now for everything you can turn to a seed and let them go! 

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