Don’t Improvise Life



You can make a good actor if you have good improvisational skills but it’s just okay to keep improvising within the confines of acting a movie or a play. If you must display your skills of improvisation I do not think that such skills ought to be tried upon your life.


I have found many people who try to improvise their lives but any improvised life cannot be beautiful. You can guess what ought to fit in when you are acting a play and you forget the lines but you should not be guessing what ought to be done when it has to do with your life. You must know the right thing to be done.


Your life has a script to be acted out and that is the script you must follow. The discovery of purpose is simply the location of the script that we were all meant to act but you must also be mindful of the director of the script. Just like some people go to schools to learn how to act, you must have a personal coach who teaches you how to act in life. You don’t just get on the stage of life and do anything. You don’t just pick any costume for the drama of life. There is a character that you were meant to act. There is an appropriate costume for that drama.


Success in life is all about getting the original script of your life. Stop acting the scripts of other people’s lives. Don’t be another man. You are too good to look like somebody else. Somebody is waiting to admire you while you are spending too much time admiring another person.


If you always watch people dance, who will watch you dance? If you always listen to people talking, who will listen to you? If you simply use what others create, what will you create for others to use. You are more important than you think you are only when you realize that you are not supposed to be acting the script of another man’s life.


Please remember that life is too complex to be improvised. It must be planned. It must be acted according to the endorsed plan. You will be overwhelmed by the ovation waiting for you if only you act the script and not improvise life. Don’t improvise life.


Fola Daniel Adelesi




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