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Over the past weekend I had the privilege to talk to some young folks about their finances in a presentation titled ‘getting your finances right.’ Since I was going to be on air the following Monday, I towed the same line in the pidgin motivational show we had on radio.
Just before wrapping up we opened up the phone lines for questions and feedback. As usual, some people called in and one person who got through started making excuses for financial issues some people are experiencing.
He said, ‘all fingers are not equal.’ We all know that fingers are not equal but the good news in this case is that the fingers are your finances and nature does not determine how well it can grow. You are the one who determines how well it can grow.
People have indulged their indiscipline over the years and they credit the society or some natural misfortunes for their poverty. I am confident about the fact that not everyone will be rich regardless of the financial information available at our disposal. Not everyone live be able to live comfortable even if they have jobs because they will make poor financial decisions repeatedly and justify their actions but reject the results.
You, of all people, can choose to be rich and leave those who really want to remain poor as poor people. The only thing you must work on is to stop making excuses as to why you are poor.
When I meet people who are going to be poor for a very long time, their attitude towards their situation is that they keep explaining why they are where they are. They want you to understand why they are not in a different place or what makes it okay for them to have been that poor.
If you change direction and meet those who will be rich even if they are not yet rich, you will notice they are talking about where they are going. They are explaining their plans to you. There are specific actions lined up that they are already following so that they can get out of the poverty zone very soon. They don’t like being poor and they never justify where they are.
So long as you want people to understand your financial mess you may never get out of it. Your past may have gone beyond what you can control but your future is within reach. You can determine what you get.
Sometimes you have to see your future like going to a restaurant and the waiter asks to take your orders. Whatever you order is what you get in a few minutes time. On the other hand, when the waiter wants to take your order and all you do is complain about how you did not eat in a party you last attended, the waiter will be wondering what that has got to do with being where you are! After a while he or she might walk away to go and attend to other guests or customers. At that point, you may even lose on what you were supposed to get again. That’s how many people are living.
When you share with them information that can help them, they don’t consider it and see how they can make the most of it. They just start telling you it is not possible or tell you why it will not work.
You don’t have to explain or justify being poor or being broke. Just learn and move out of the poverty or broke zone!
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