Don’t let circumstances take your dream | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Circumstances, apart from a few other issues that people have while chasing their dreams, are some of the things that will take the dreams of so many away. Your dreams are very important and I am sure you already know that but sometimes we forget, and also play down the importance of that dream, when we are faced with some situations.
For some people, when they start failing at some of the things they are doing, they lose the courage to chase their dreams. They think that there is no point chasing any dream if they will eventually fail at that one too.
Sometimes the loss of a loved one will create a circumstance that can jeopardise the dream that someone already has. That loss creates additional responsibilities and the time to even cope with those responsibilities may appear too short.
Many will be faced with the challenge of what to eat and while they are looking for what to eat they lose the dreams that they are carrying. I understand it is very important to take care of what you need to eat but sometimes, the best way to take care of what you will eat is to take care of your dreams.
Taking care of your dreams today may mean that you will be hungry for a while. You may have to deny yourself of the many good things that you desire, especially when you see that it is what all your friends are buying and using. There will be the temptation to belong to that class and prove that you also can afford those things that they are buying but you need to remember how important your dreams are.
It can be very painful when you have lost someone so dear to you but you should not let that take the dreams of your heart. If you want to honour the memory of that person you can wait for a while just to let the mourning period pass. When that is over, go after your dreams.
If the person who passed on was supposed to be a major support of your dream then you will have to look for another person who can help your dream. There must be someone else who can become your dream maker. Don’t act like some other people who will say their dreams died when an uncle they were looking up to passed on. Don’t say your dream went to the grave with your aunt or parents or spouse.
They were not the ones who got or carried the dreams. You are the one carrying the dream and so long as you are alive there must be someone else who can help make the dream a reality.
Some people may even experience a reversal of fortune and it will appear so bad. Let me say that a reversal of fortune is very bad and can put your through a really painful process but you still have to chase your dreams. In fact, it is your dreams that can bring back the fortune that you lost.
I know of a gentle man whose father was doing well when he was young. By the time he became old enough to be a director in a company, his father took the forms of the company registration to him in school so that he would sign as a director. He became a director in a company at a very young age and was only looking forward to finishing school.
There was the confidence that he had a job or a company waiting for him. He didn’t need to sweat out looking for a job. Unfortunately, before he could finish school the company was gone. Everything they had was lost. So he had nothing to fall back on except his dreams.
That would have been very devastating for so many but it is a circumstance that could just shift your attention from your dreams. Many of us will have one thing or the other to deal with on a daily basis but that is just life! we can’t let circumstances take our dreams from us.
The circumstances we are in today may be bad enough but if we don’t chase our dreams, we will be in worse circumstances tomorrow. Chase your dreams, regardless of the circumtances.

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