Don’t let defeat enter your mind | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Defeat is one of the things that we will experience in life and a few people may experience it more often than the other. As we make the effort to succeed, there will be a few disappointments. There will be delays. There will be setbacks that we can’t possibly explain to ourselves and other people around. Nobody enjoys defeat but being defeated is not as important as ensuring the defeat does not enter your mind.
When you are defeated you will only have the courage to get back up if you haven’t allowed the defeat to get into your mind. When a child stumbles, the child keeps getting back up because the child doesn’t understand mockery or shame. The child doesn’t know if there are people who are mocking and doesn’t even care if he or she sees people mocking. Getting up and walking is the next most important thing immediately after a fall for a child.
People can get back to their feet and you too can almost immediately after a defeat just by ensuring you separate yourself from the failures that you experience. Failures are events and you must have heard this before. Those events that didn’t turn out well don’t and shouldn’t define you. When you allow events that turned out differently to define you then you start relegating yourself in life and you only see yourself from the perspective of failure.
I have been involved in a number of things that didn’t work out well. Some didn’t even work at all and those things that did not work haven’t defined my personality in any way. I have moved on to other things despite the painful experience with those things that didn’t work. Today, I’ve written a few books and have enjoyed some television appearances. Those are the things people know and remember. I have been on radio with my own show and have been a guest on a few other shows. When people hear those programmes, they simply don’t remember my failures. Some of the people who know about the failures I have experienced may remember but the current success becomes more important.
If you leave yourself on the ground after defeat, the only thing people will remember is your defeat. If you pick yourself up after the defeat, people will remember that you got up and may look forward to your next move until you succeed. No matter how many defeats you have, please don’t let the defeat enter your mind.
Experiencing defeat can be temporary and can be overcome by a strong and determined mind. Sadly, a defeated mind can’t achieve anything. When your mind had given up, there is nothing more you can achieve. When your mind feels there is no need to try again, then it’s over and you will remain on the same spot until your mind can be brought back to life.
It is probably known in the medical world today that when people become sick, they may not have the strength to fight back or do much for themselves. All they have is their mind. When the sick people are not defeated by the sickness in their minds, they are often able to fight back and possibly overcome the sickness. It is a different case when it is people around that are trying to fight for the life of the sick person. This person may be long gone before anyone knows it. That how strong the mind can be.
I don’t have any idea what you’re going through today but ensure that you don’t let defeat enter your mind. Once you can ensure defeat doesn’t enter your mind, you will eventually come out of what you are going through and also overcome.
Please go through your defeat victoriously! I know that sounds strange but the way to go through defeat victoriously is to ensure your mind controls the experience rather than allow the experience control your mind.

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