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I remember one of the most profound sayings that I have heard around here in Nigeria. People will always say, ‘if you close your eyes because you want all the bad people to pass, you will not be aware when the good people are also passing!’ Sometimes this saying is directed at people who have just been hurt by others and are planning to shut down completely on everyone. I have made reference to it because I also see there people who want to turn back because of trials and when you turn back because of trials, just as you can miss the good people while closing your eyes for the bad people to pass, you can also miss the good times!
I am sure that we all agree trials are not very encouraging. In fact, they may take the little encouragement that you already have in you. When that happens, it will always appear as though the easy and seemingly the best thing to do is to turn back. For that moment you will enjoy some relief but several years later, you will begin to see all the other people who went through the same trial but they never turned back. They had good reasons to back out of the projects they got involved in but they did not look at the good reason for immediate relief. They looked at the good reason for the long term relief and it paid off for them.
I am sure that’s what the Bible also means when it spoke about Jesus and said ‘… who for the glory that was set before him ENDURED the cross’ The cross was not a nice place or a good experience but the cross was a necessary experience before the desired glory. In Romans 8:18 the Bible also says ‘for I reckon that the present day suffering is nothing compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us. The point is that it is clearly established there will be good times and bad times. But you must know that the bad times will pave way for the good times. If you want the good times, then don’t give up in the bad times.
I know it sounds pretty simple but it is not as easy as it sounds. Well you may have heard that nothing good comes easy. If you want to get a job you have to go for a job interview. If you want to get promoted you have to take an examination as a student or you go for a performance appraisal as a staff and then a promotional interview. Apart from the promotional interview or before the interview, you are expected to have developed yourself from the last time you got the job or from your last promotion. It will cost some money and you will spend some time. It will never happen in one instance without you going through the uneasy phase. The good news is that the good times are guaranteed once you go through the hard times.
Please do not give up in the good times. Hold on tight and hang around encouraging people.
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