Don’t let this waiting kill me – Fola Daniel Adelesi

It’s hard to wait but I know if this waiting does not kill you and I then it’s going to make us. The waiting can put us into situations where we begin to wonder if we ever understood the meaning of hope. Sometimes it just looks like we are not going to survive the next minute if we don’t get what we want but then the minutes drag on into hours and into days and into weeks and then finally it turns into years for some people. deep down on the inside of us we really want to ask God what’s happening but we have been told not to question the authority of God because God really is the unquestionable God so we seat down and groan. I understand that God is unquestionable but He did say, ‘come and let us reason together.’
I honestly think it’s pretty hard to reason with God about why you have to wait so long for a job when it’s obvious you are hungry and you need shelter. You are being accommodated by someone else or better still let’s use the word tolerated and you still have to wait in that same place where you are being tolerated. You have been waiting so long for a spouse to come along or for a child to come around but nothing seem to be coming. You said you were self-employed but the cash flow isn’t flowing so everybody told you to get a job and when you decided to get one the interviewer is asking you, ‘why are you looking for a job?’ This meant that they saw a potential for an employer in you and not that of an employee but the big jobs that can feed you regularly and leave some stipends in your accounts are just not coming and for that moment you can’t even think about employing others otherwise you would be employing trouble.
Sometimes we want to understand why certain things are happening and at other times we just don’t have enough strength to seat through another sermon on why the things that are not happening are for our good. We just want a situation where all of the emotions can be turned around in split seconds via the sudden provision of what we have been expecting. At this point we begin to realize that long suffering really means suffering long and not just a combination of words to fill up space in the Holy Book.
God makes a promise to us and then we feel like when we wake up tomorrow the promise is going to be there, not in words but in the forms that we pictured when the words came. For a moment we get so excited just because we have the promise – a posted dated financial instrument – and when the excitement can no longer sustain us we begin to drag into anxiety. Yes we have the promise but we are not just keen on the promise right now because we have already told everyone about the promise so they are also waiting with us to see the promise. Sometimes it gets really complicated that we want the promise not just because it was for us but because we have told others about it and we don’t want to look like liars. We are beginning to get into situations where we want God to prove that He spoke to us about something and when the people believe God spoke we also want God to defend himself. Unfortunately God does not come in a hurry simply because of the people we have shared his promise with since He does not have to defend the integrity of His word before men.
While we think that God should hurry either because we need something desperately or because we think people should see what God can do, God thinks we should just wait for THE APPOINTED time because He makes all things beautiful in its time. Then God says those that “wait” will in the process of waiting renew their strength. The aftermath of waiting will be that they will mount up with wings as eagles. In the middle of all of this we really want to believe God then we remember that He is Jehovah Jireh.
We live in nations where some seem to over all the money and others seem to have all the troubles yet they are fellow citizens. It sometimes looks like some just have it as soon as they snap a finger but others have to wait for a baby to grow.
I can’t contend the promises or the capacity of God but I just want to say, ‘God, don’t let this waiting kill me.’ It is possible for some people to wait for something for so long such that they would have lost the essence of waiting by the time the waiting is over. I don’t know about you but I guess you are so spiritual that waiting is a natural thing for you. As for me I think the only reason waiting seems natural is because the only thing I have to do is to wait. If truth must be told many of us are waiting because we don’t seem to have alternatives and we really can’t help ourselves. Deep down on the inside we claim to be waiting but we are also checking out the possibilities of alternatives. We are human beings and we live within time and when God makes a promise to us our constraint of time makes us desperate enough to forget that the maker of the promise created time but does not live within time.
As for me I don’t know how long I have to wait an even if I say I can’t wait for this to be over I will still have to wait for it to be over. So in all of these I just want to say dear God:
1.) Don’t let this waiting kill me
2.) Don’t let it quench my faith
3.) I don’t want to wait so long and then forget the essence of waiting
4.) When the waiting is over help me to quickly say you did it so that I would not be punished with another waiting over something that can come in a jiffy.
5.) Don’t let the waiting present me as a superstar but as a message from God in everybody’s mail box
6.) When the waiting is over let me enjoy the reason for which I waited.
7.) This is hard but I have to say take me through the next waiting that will take me through to the next level.
Oratory is not my intention in this piece so you can excuse my repetition. It’s hard to wait but God, don’t let this waiting kill me.
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM
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  1. Thank you for this message. I believe God made a specific promise of abundance to me years ago confirmed many times. He tested me in many crazy ways, looking like a fool to others. His promise still has not come to pass after four years plus. I’m nearly out of money, in a financial mess (almost bankrupt), trapped, stressed out, and not knowing what to do but wait some more. I feel I am in a prison cell. Now I have health problems. Sometimes I’d rather be dead. Not nice but am desperate. Seems like I will never be resurrected. Perhaps, I imagined everything, believing what I want to believe. None of His promises so far have come to fruition. Then I look at other people who are better of than I am, who don’t even seem to have a relationship with God. Tomorrow things could suddenly change for me, I pray and hope for the better. I still believe He can make a poor man suddenly rich (Sirach 11.21). Today He sent me a Godwink, Jer. 33.6, ie. He will heal me. I know He will not fail me, just a matter of TIME. I pray as in Sirach 36.16, ie. reward those who have put their faith in You God. Thanks for listening.

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