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One of the things you are likely to see at the beginning of the year is a lot of people full of hope for the New Year. They expect things to change and present them with new opportunities. They may begin to see signs that those opportunities will come from the beginning of the year and they will start living out their dreams for the year. Unfortunately, there are those who have had not too pleasant experiences in the past years and are most likely to even judge the New Year by their previous experiences. To start with, I think it is not a good idea to judge a new opportunity based on how previous opportunities turned out!
If you are going to have a great year you cannot afford to judge this year and consequently limiting the opportunities or doors that it opens before you. You will have several other opportunities this year that you did not even bargain for. Everyday there will be new platforms for you and they will be really amazing. The only thing that will stand between you and these amazing opportunities will be the previous experiences that you are hanging on.
We all are expected to learn from previous experiences. When we do things that don’t turn out well for us the idea is not for us to shut down completely and not do anything anymore. Failures are not supposed to keep us from trying again or believing in new opportunities.
It’s understandable when you see women who have gone through failed marriages reacting irrationally towards men. That’s obviously because of their past experiences but if the same woman will have a great marriage, one major thing she needs to do is to keep an open mind in order to find that one person that will give her a ‘heaven-on-earth’ kind of experience.
Business propositions that you have made may not have turned out well in the past year. What do you do? Are you going to sit at home and say business does not work? No! You have to get up and do another proposition. It may not necessarily be about writing an entirely new plan or proposition. You may just change a few things and repackage. When you do this, you will not only get results but your results will be more than you can comprehend.
Please do not allow your previous experiences or the failed years to limit this year in your mind. In every new phase or period, some people will see failures and others will see success. The most important thing is not what others are even seeing but what you are seeing for yourself. What are you seeing for yourself this year? Is it guided by the hope for new possibilities or limited by the failures of past experiences?
Even if the previous years have not turned out well, you must make this one turn out well. Yes, I mean you! You have the power and the resources to make this year turn out well for you. The power begins from your mind. Get into the network of your mind and change a few things. Remove all the codes that naturally associate with failures or accept them and never seek new opportunities. Replace them with the codes that always seek a new challenge! The kind of codes that don’t recognize failures are the ones you need to write. Those codes will see past failures and address them as useful information for future challenges. When the code in your mind becomes different, your attitude becomes different and no failure related experience stops you from trying or exploring new opportunities.
Remember, it’s a new phase presenting you with new opportunities and challenges. You must not limit this year with the experiences of past years! It’s a different one and you can make the difference for yourself!        

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