Don’t live for yourself alone – Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the things I have seen people struggle so much to do is to live for themselves and try all the things possible to make lives better for themselves. They sleep, wake up and do anything you can imagine just for themselves to have a better life.
There is no one who truly succeeds if all you ever do is to make life a lot better for yourself. You have to ensure you are living for other people and not just living for what works for you or what you will get out of anything. When you have this approach to life, people begin to distance themselves from you after a while because they can see that you are simply living for yourself.
I found out some years ago that the best way to live is to think about how to make a difference in the lives of other people. Now it may be tough to make a difference in the lives of other people when you are focusing on how things are going to get better for you. Take a close look at those who keep helping other people. You will see that in helping other people, they make their own lives better.
It is not a bad thing to want a better life for yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your quality of life but a better way to do that is to make life better for other people. If you are a person of purpose, you will see that in helping other people, you feel more fulfilled.
There are times we focus on ourselves and just don’t want to do anything for other people. We think we should let others sort themselves and we will sort ourselves. While that looks like the logical way to get things done, it is a selfish approach and does not produce long term results. I have found out that in helping other people, I derive more joy. In helping other people, I connect more with my own purpose. As I serve other people, I gradually begin to give expression to my purpose.
That’s why when some people ask me about my purpose, I end telling them that purpose is to help other people fulfil their purpose. If you are not helping other people, thinking you will help yourself alone, you are simply making things a lot more difficult for yourself. That’s because when you are helping other people, the things you are also looking for pop up during the help or much later after the help.
I recall that a friend of mine simply offered to help and elderly person with his luggage. She never knew this person and was just offering to help. While helping, they got talking and the elderly man asked her what she was doing. That’s how the man found out she had just graduated and needed a job. The man handed her a card and asked her to call. The rest is history. That’s how she got a good job.
You should not only help people just so that you can get help for yourself. Living for others is the way to go and that’s how to have a fulfilled life. Do you really want to have a fulfilled life, stop living for yourself if that’s all you’ve been doing. Start working out a deliberate life strategy that helps you live for other people and impact their lives positively.

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