Don’t make a U-turn; bring down the brick wall | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

The attitude of many towards the challenges they face is to make a U-turn. Once they site the challenges from afar, they start thinking of how to turn back. They don’t even think about what they can do to bring down the wall. They are simply thinking about how to avoid the wall in front of them.
Interestingly you may think that what is in front of you is a wall standing between you and where you want to get to. If only you will move closer, it may not be a wall. It may just be a door that will take you into where you are going.
A few months back I was invited by a client to handle some social media promotions for their company. When I walked into the reception of the company, I saw a front desk and the side of the front desk just looked like a wall. I had no idea where the boss was even though I had been speaking with the boss. When it was time to take me to the office of the boss, the wall in front of me turned out to be a door!
What an inspiration? It is so amazing that what you are running form might just be an opportunity. Even if it does not look like an opportunity, you have to pull the wall down rather than just turning back.
What are the walls in front of many of us? It could be a difficult gate keeper who is just being overzealous at his duty post. Sometimes it is an over protective personal assistant who makes it look like he or she has a boss from another planet outside this earth. At other times it could be raising the desired funds for your business to get started.
You may even have the capital to get started in business but the environment doesn’t just seem like the right one for what you want to do. You have done all that needs to be done but the wall is just in front of you.
Sometimes you need to think of the brick wall of challenges as an automated door. If you look at it from a distance, it will be closed. It will never open up. If you decided to stop there, you will always see challenges but when you move closer to the door, the door opens on its own.
I dare say that some of the challenges you are looking at from a distance will come down like a pack of cards if only you dare to move close. You should never make a U-turn just because of the challenges in front of you. You should go closer to the brick wall and find a way to pull it down. If you can’t find a way to pull it down then find a way to climb it.
Do you even realize that some of these walls you are running from are the walls that will build you, strengthen you, give you courage to surmount bigger ones and forge ahead in life?
If you see this first wall and you turn back, will you also turn back when you see the next? How many walls will you keep turning away from? You can be better than who you are right now and you are definitely much more than what you seem to have.
The worst of it all is that some of these walls that are making you turn back don’t exist in real life. They are imaginary walls in your mind. So take a look at your life and ask yourself how many imaginary walls have stopped you from achieving what you intend to achieve.
How many imaginary walls have held you on the same spot for years? Can you see that? You thought someone was not going to give you an opportunity so you decided not to ask. You thought someone was going to be hard on you so you chose not to approach them for help. Interestingly you were acting on wrong impression or ordinary hearsays so you lost out on a big opportunity.
There are real walls and there are imaginary walls. You know what? I don’t care which one is in front of you. All I care about right now is how you will move forward so march forward and don’t even turn around until you are on the other side of the wall.
Breakdown the wall if that is what you have to do in order to get to the other side. Climb the wall if that solves the problem. Make a hole in it or walk around it. Just make sure the wall no longer stops you or cause you to make a U-turn!

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