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I have seen that sometimes when people have faced too many rejections they be tempted to conclude that they are worthless because of all the rejections. They think less of themselves and lose all the esteem they have. Sometimes they just spill it out and regard themselves as nobody. It is true people may have rejected you but it does not mean you can’t amount to something in life or that you are nobody.
When people reject you it could be that they are short sighted. They just may be thinking of the present day and not thinking about the future in anyway. You may be loaded with potentials but they may not see it and they are just speaking blindly.
If you allow what people say get to you just because they don’t have a large heart to help you then it means you will be losing your esteem. We all will face some form of rejection at one point or the other in life.
Rejection is not a crime and it does not happen because of who you are or are not. When someone rejects you it does not mean you are worthless. They may not know your value but someone else will know your value, appreciate you and treat you like the king and queen that you are.
I know some people don’t handle rejections very well. If anyone rejects them in life, business and relationship they take it to the extreme. They recline into a depression and may not come out for years just because of one person’s rejection.
You are worth far more than anyone can ever imagine and it is not their acceptance that should determine how you celebrate yourself. You have a duty to keep your esteem in order all the time regardless of who accepts you or does not accept you.
When you also notice that someone does not like you and will not accept you, I suggest you don’t try to force yourself on them. When you try really hard to force yourself on them they will reject you more and the more they reject you the worse you will feel. You have a choice of association and you need to use that choice wisely. You are not to choose those who will run you down and make you feel like there is nothing special about you.
Walk with those who know you and value you. They should sweet talk you into believing you are what you are not. But they should be honest enough to let you also know that you are valuable. You have something to offer the society and you can’t just be pushed aside.
Even when you don’t find anyone to say something nice to you, I dare you to say it to yourself. You are of more value than you can imagine. You are priceless. There is something about you that is special and that is why you were born in the first place. You have a strong relevance in this time and that is why you are alive.
If there is no need for you to be alive you would have been dead and you can become so relevant that even in death you are still making an impact. Whoever rejects you does not know what he or she is missing. When a company rejects you then you can confidently say they are the ones missing and not you.
Get it right. You are valuable. You need people and they need you too so when they reject you they miss what you have to offer. Don’t ever let their rejections determine how you rate yourself. Rate yourself well regardless of their rejection or acceptance.

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