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One of the biggest struggles of men on the land of the living is the foolish attempt to redesign their destinies by pursuing the destinies of others, trying to meet their goals and attempting to outshine others in the activities that will lead those other people to their ordained destination. Many do not seem to realize that they had to be born because they have a different assignment to carry out in life!
Don’t you realize that you are struggling a lot for some of the things that you are not supposed to be struggling for? Why do you think that you really needed to go out of your way to get that material thing that your colleague in the office just got only for the thing to become useless to you!
If you understand what destiny is then you will come to terms with the fact that your destiny has already been designed by God so you’ll have no need to compete with any man about it! Things can be a lot easier when you just follow what God says you should do and not what men expect you to do!
I have found out one big difference between God and man. If you keep this difference in your mind always then you will have fewer reasons to struggle in life! When a man makes you do something either through advice or coercion and it turns out to be awful, the man will back off, probably deny you and tell you that you were the one who took the steps while he just advised you! If God tells you to do something, you can be so sure he will never back off at any point in time because He’s so sure of what He has asked you to do. Before He tells you to do something he will be able to determine where it will end and once you go strictly by what He says, He will always stand by you!
When you realize that only God knows how things will turn out and he will not deny you for doing what he told you to do, then you will never for the dictates of a man who can tell you something in a minute and deny you the next minute! How exactly have we been trying to redesign our lives? Well, a few things are running through my mind and some of them are:
– Doing things the way others think you should do them.
– Buying things simply because someone has bought it and it must not be heard off that you don’t have it even when you do not need it.
– Going to places just to be seen.
– Altering all your plans because of the disapproval of others.
– Trying very hard to always beat the records of people around – this means you are now beginning to pursue the goals they are pursuing even when you do not have the same destination in life.
– Struggling to main the same social standard that others have in the community.
Your life is completely different from the life of those people around you! You had to be born because you have a different assignment and you should not be doing exactly what every other person is doing! We need to accept the fact that freedom is in doing what you truly believe you should be doing instead of doing something so that nobody will crucify you or see you as a non-conformist!`
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