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I recently wrote in order to ask you how far the people in your life can take you and I honestly hope that you have had some time to review your relationships. This is important because people can be your propellants. You will, just as vehicles and most machines do, need a propellant to also move you forward in life. By the time you run out of propellants you will suddenly realize that your life is coming to a stand still! If you always want to move forward then you must never run out of a propellant.
To make my words clearer I guess we have to take a look at the definition of a propellant. Wikipedia says, ‘A propellant is a chemical used in the production of energy or pressurized gas that is subsequently used to create movement of a fluid or to generate propulsion of a vehicle, projectile, or other object. Common propellants are energetic materials and consist of a fuel like gasoline, jet fuel, rocket fuel, and an oxidizer.’
If I want to simply that definition for you then I can use the example of your car, generating set, grinding machine or a vulcanizer’s machine. Think about a car for a while. Have you ever wondered how fuel – ordinary liquid – gets the car moving? The fuel is a propellant inside the car that goes through a process to create power in the car and keeps the car moving. Once the fuel is finished, power will no longer be generated and the car will stop moving. It is the same thing for those other machines I have mentioned though they work in slightly different ways!
Now that you have a clearer picture of what I am about to hit, it is easier for me to ask you never to move without enough propellants in you or your career, business, and marriage. You and I know that a car running without enough gas will suddenly come to a stand still. You can’t let that happen to you and that’s why it is important for you to have enough propellants.
You may also be asking in your mind what propellants can possibly move your life forward. That’s a good one because if you know those propellants you will know when you are running out of some or not. I also need to say that I may not be in the position to identify all the propellants you need. You will be the one to take a good look at your life, see where you’re going and think about the propellants that can get you there!
Some of those general propellants that you will need are:
1. People.
2. Education
3. Information (Writing this after putting education is deliberate. Not all educated people are informed)
4. Skill
5. Vision or ambition (God given, situation demanding or the ones prompted by inmate abilities)
The others are to be identified by you.
One more important thing you need to note about these propellants is the fact that they will be used up and you always have to top up. In fact, that’s why I am saying you should not run out of propellants! It’s not the exact gass you bought and poured into your car the first day you drove it that you still have in there today! You used that up and have bought several others.
You will, from time to time, need new people in your life. You will need new education regardless of how old you are. You will need new information. There will be the need to acquire new skills and finally the vision and ambition you have must be renewed or reviewed. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t run out of propellants!

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