Don’t say ‘is this going to work?’ | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes when we have repeatedly experienced setbacks in life, we start asking the wrong questions and may develop the wrong approach or attitude towards many things in life. One of those attitudes that setbacks in life can easily plant into anyone is for you to start questioning your ability to get anything done.
Rather than ask, ‘how can I make it work?’ you will find a lot of people who will start asking, ‘is this going to work?’ That you have failed at some things in the past does not mean you can attempt and succeed at the same thing or new things in life.
Whatever happened in your past is gone and you must not let that hold you down. Do you know the terrible thing that the past failure of some people is doing to them? It is not only holding them down, it is crushing them by the day. They are dying daily under the agony of past setbacks in their lives.
You have to get up and move up. Some people say, ‘get up and move on.’ I say no. It is not good enough to move on. You must get up and move up! Move above the setbacks that you had. Move above the things that made you feel ashamed before now. Move up into success.
The way to do that is to stop wondering if this new venture will work. You owe yourself that duty to make it work. You are the architect of your destiny. It’s up to you to decide what you want in life and go for it.
If life is passing you some little setbacks and you don’t reject them or do something about the setbacks, trust me, life will pass more and more setbacks on to you. Since you didn’t reject them, it means you are comfortable with them and you probably want more of them.
You can’t afford to do that again. When you want to start something, it must come with some excitement about how it’s going to work and not the apprehension about all the things that can possibly go wrong.
I understand that several things may have gone wrong before, but you need to stop giving invitations to the setbacks for your new projects. Do you realize that some people deliberately go about looking for what can go wrong in what they are doing? They are not doing that because they are trying to guide against mistakes. They are doing that because they are used to be disappointed, so when no one disappoints them, they start looking out for someone to do that or when the person around will do it.
Your life is a lot better than looking for what can possibly go wrong. I don’t think that you are wired to fail. No! God couldn’t have wasted his precious resource and investment on something that is bound to fail. And if He invested in you, it means that you are a worthwhile venture and are bound to succeed.
Cut out the fears and take on the new projects. Don’t ask if it will work. Ask how you can make it happen and this time, you will make it happen. When you succeed with this one, you now start looking for how many more you can take on!  

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