Don’t set out without a plan. │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

If this was one of the mistakes you have made in the previous year, you better not make that mistake again. Many people who are prepared for this year have already made their plans and by now they are already thinking about execution or some have already started. There are some people who still have not made any plans and are also hoping to have a great year!
When people say ‘Happy New Year,’ it looks to me like most of them do not know what they are saying. They probably think that they will have a happy year simply by the wish they get from others. There are different people who will experience a happy New Year even if no one says it to them and that’s because they already have a strategy and are now working on it.
Let’s be real in this year. If you do not have a plan then you are already setting out for a woeful year! Please take some time out to think, plan and strategize how you will operate in this year. It will be a disaster for you to start out and not have a plan in this year.
You should not just wake up and hope for what will come your way or not know where you should go. If that is how you have been running things before now then you need to change that. While we are still trying to tell some people to set yearly goals, there are a few people who have done ahead to set goals for themselves for the next ten years or more. When such people are acting, you will realize that they are preparing for years to come and not just the year they are in. when you check your results and the results of those people, you will see that they have better results to show.
It’s been said over and over again that if you fail to plan then you have planned to fail. So the issue is what are the plans you have for this year? At the end of the year, what would you have achieved or what do you expect to hold unto as your tangibles for the year? I think you should know that the only way to have a happy New Year is to have a plan and to work by those plans for the New Year.
As I have said in some of the articles written before on my blog (, there are areas of goal setting and when you work with that it will make your life easier. Some of those areas include your personal life, spiritual life, career goals, business goals and relationship goals. If you search ’15 areas of goal setting’ on my blog you will find the others. This will make your plan for the year more concrete and as you work with each area and improve, you will see that it is realistic to have a plan and it is easier to succeed with a plan!
Some people have made plans in the past and have said to themselves that the plans did not work. Well, you are right! It is not the responsibility of the plans to work! It is your responsibility to work them! Don’t expect your plans to jump out of the pages of the papers where they are documented and begin to take the actions you desire! The only plan that works is the plan that you worked!
Remember, to set out without a plan is to attempt the navigation of a ship without a compass or to attempt flying a plane without one! Sinking or crashing is the expected end of such adventures. You can’t afford to sink or crash this year just because there is no plan. Stay back, plan and then set out!          

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