Don’t sit while hoping | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Hoping for something to happen is what we all do. But what determines if the hope becomes a reality is our action or inaction while we are hoping.
Unfortunately, there are too many people who think that they will get their desired results just by sitting and believing that something will change for them. It is good to hope and I will stress the fact that there is nothing wrong with hoping.
That notwithstanding, when you sit and do nothing while you are hoping, you are wasting your time. It is only when your disappointment is imminent that you will realize how foolish that is.
I was listening to someone this morning and he made a remarkable statement. He said, ‘while first class graduates are waiting and hoping for something to happen for them, school cert. holders (high school or secondary school graduates) are starting businesses.
I think that the first way to prove that you are hoping for something is to take actions on it. When you really believe something will happen for you, you have to get up and take actions in the direction of your hope.
If you want to be a successful business man, you don’t wait or sit in your house and hope that one day, the needed capital will come to you. You will go out there and talk to people. You have to pick of your phone after designing a proposal and talk to them about what you intend to do.
Hope becomes a reality only when we prove that we are serious about that thing we are hoping for. If we are just hoping by our mouth then we are not really hoping.
Those who are planning to get a job or change jobs don’t just sit and expect the job to come to them. They keep looking until they find one. They never stop searching. They go to several places and make several phone calls just to get what they want. They never give up and resort to ‘hoping’ that one day it will get better.
Things may not look like what you want them to be today. Hoping for a better tomorrow and doing nothing about it is just another way to set yourself up for a greater frustration.
Your actions may not get you the desired results today but it certainly will pay off when you need it the most. Think about what you want. Get up and prove that you will want this thing and the way to prove that is to act on your hope.
Hope not backed up by action is mere meditation and a statement of hope not backed up by action is mere consolation.
Sometimes when we say that we are ‘hoping’, it is a nice way to shift the responsibility of making things happen for ourselves. When we are at cross roads or have not thought carefully about what needs to be done, then we start saying that we hope something happens.
Something has to change. When you say that you hope, from today, let people see that you are really hoping for this thing, going by your actions.
Make sure you are not just sitting and hoping. Hit the ground running as you hope. That is the real proof of your hope.

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