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Today’s the beginning of the last two months of the year. For some it’s over. For others, they’ll just hang in there till the year is over.
Here’s what I think. A new beginning is not the start of a New Year. It is when you find the energy to go again to increase your pace.
Don’t slow down. There’s so much more you can do before this year is over. Sometimes you try certain things and they don’t work. You mount all the pressure and nothing responds as you expect.
Just when you think it is time to give up, you try again and things begin to work effortlessly.
Before this year is over, try these again:
1. Call that person again
2. Resend that proposal
3. Refresh the email and resend
4. Visit that firm again
5. Resend that CV after revising it
6. Ask for feedback from those business partners or organisations that you haven’t heard anything from.
One more push often makes a huge difference. Make that one more push that will make the difference that you need before this year is over.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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