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Maybe like me, you have been in situations where it looks like diligence does not pay off easily. You have tried so many things and you have done them diligently well but there is little to show for what you are doing. Why should you continue with being diligent when some not so diligent people are getting things done?
You may have looked around and you obviously see there are those who are not as dedicated as you are but they are making things happen for themselves. They have the results that you desire to have. When they say they will get something they will get it. They just seem to know where to go and who to talk to all the time to get what they want.
Your diligence may not seem right at the moment but I can assure you that you will have no regret being diligent. You will not have to worry about anything and you need no one watching your back for you so long as you are doing the right things.
Sometimes, the people you are looking at are those cutting corners and making it look right to get results. They know all the fast tricks to play to do things the wrong way and make it look like it was done the right way.
I am also aware there are those who are doing things the right way and getting results easily. Instead of cutting corners and substituting diligence like some of those people that you know, why dont you approach those who are really diligent and getting results without cutting corners. Those are the people you need to be talking to.
If you decide to cut corners and substitute diligence because you want quick results, others may get away with it and you will be caught and punished right away. Even if you dont get caught or punished you will still have something hanging on your neck that some others in the shady deal with you can use against you later.
In fact, are we to do things the wrong way simply because we may not be caught? No! we dont do things right just because we are afraid of being caught on the wrong side of the law. We do what is right because that is the right way to do things.
All may not seem well right now but when you continue to be diligent and keep your sheets clean, it will end well. I have seen people do their works diligently and it took a while for them to get results but they laughed at last. Those who were laughing at them eventually became envious.
It may not be so easy to continue on the right path today but when the rewards start coming you will be glad you did. If you veer off and substitute diligence then there will be trouble and even still lose all that should be yours.
I am assuring you that your diligence will eventually pay off only if you do not substitute your diligence with other things to get results faster. And remember, only the results gotten the right way will eventually last.
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