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When we try so hard and the results don’t show even after repeated efforts, we tend to think that all the things we did have been in vain. Sometimes we start counting our losses and don’t ever imagine that anything good will come out of those terrible experiences. We see the money we spent, the time involved and the energy expended but we can’t see any result.
I have been in such situations before and it was very painful. There were times I also wanted to keep trying until the desired results can show but people around were the ones reminding me of how much has gone into trying to get results with nothing coming forth.
You may still have the strength to carry on but there are those around you who have been discouraging you. They already concluded even before you gave your last energy that the ones you have done in the past did not yield anything to there is no point trying again. Maybe they even helped pack your bags and indirectly led you into giving up.
I can tell you, even when you have lost hope completely, that all those things you did was not for nothing. All the times you worked around the clock for a company that did not appreciate you was not in vain. All the energy you spent preparing a presentation and it still did not go well was not for nothing. The project defence that didn’t turn out in your favour is really opening up something else for you in future.
When I was getting started as a really young entrepreneur, I had so many ideas and still do. For many of those ideas, I wrote proposals to different people. I wrote to some companies and some individuals. There were so many proposals that never received any attention. Some of them did get some attention but they kept pushing me around until I realized they were not ready for anything. Very few of those proposals that I wrote then got results.
Did I feel bad about that? Yes I did. I knew so well that most of the ideas were good. The people who received the proposals also confirmed that. They also loved some of the other things that I did but they just would not put their money where their mouth is. Today I have learnt so much from the many proposals I have written. They weren’t all perfect proposals. But over time, I saw the strength in some and the weaknesses in others. After a few years I decided to write a book titled ‘Writing Business Proposal.’ Most of the people that I know in person who bought the book have told me about how the book was so helpful to them. I man even told me that his wife hijacked the book and she’s been devouring the content.
When I was going through the stress of writing repeatedly with no answers, I had no idea that my experience would turn out to be an intellectual property. Today I can always reprint the same book and sell to so many people.
There was another day I sent in a brief proposal to a company. When I got there it turned out that the owner of the company agreed that I am good enough for the job but he wanted someone who is much older than I was. I felt funny because I knew I could deliver excellently regardless of age. I thought about how much time I spent in traffic to get to his office and the amount spent but I heard a voice telling me I would be called back.
Less than 24 hours after that meeting, I got a call from one of the ladies in the office referring me to several other jobs they thought I could handle.
You may be struggling with your business ideas today and you think your efforts are going down the drain. It just may look like you are just not achieving anything. From my own experience, I can tell you that there are so many things we do or go through that become great asset or experience for us. We just don’t see them that way because we think that we have lost.
Sometimes soon, all those efforts of your will pay off in one way or the other. Keep doing what you know how to do in the best way that you can and in the right time, you will see, understand and be convinced that it was not for NOTHING!    
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