Don’t tie results to being lucky | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Among many other ways that people explain the success of other people, especially at a time when they are struggling, the most prominent seems to be that ‘he just got lucky’ kind of statement. For some it is a consolation and for others they just don’t know how to explain how things are not working for them and it is working for other people.
Rather than get close to see what is working for those people and to understand how to also make things work for themselves, they simply say the other person is lucky and that is why the person is successful.
From that moment, they may never seek counsel again. They start looking for how to get lucky and have results faster than everyone else with very minimal efforts put into the project. They think it will work that way since a miracle happened for the other person and now the person is in an endless fortune.
You need to understand that if people are getting results right now, it is because someone has done the needed work somewhere and at the right time. If no work has been done then there can be no results for you to see.
There are people who are working and we may not see them when they are working so we conclude that they are not working and are just getting lucky. That also reminds me of some common proverbs in the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria. They will tell you that a monkey sweats but it is not obvious because the money is very hairy. That is a statement often used for someone who works very hard, although the person’s hard work may not be seen because of some circumstances.
Another thing they say is, the hen sweats a lot but you will not know because of the hair on its body. The interpretation is same as that of the monkey. Find when to work and how to get your own results.
Some people may not be working very hard but they are working smart. When their results come, don’t envy them for their results while not seeing when they are working. Some others are just being lazy and they think that the alternative to hard work is to be lucky. I bet you have been misled and you are going to be on a long endless wait if you just want to get lucky without work.
Even if you are working and you are not getting your desired results, don’t hope to get lucky. Wake up and re-strategise! Create a new plan. Meet new people who can take you out of your present camp and give you a new level of profitable exposure. When you meet new people and build a solid relationship with them, your net worth is likely to increase.
A number of times, people get it wrong. They think that it is your money that determines your net worth. They hardly understand that you need people around you first and then you can be talking about a monetary net worth.
As you meet new people who can expose you to bigger things, you should also have bigger values to offer. When you have bigger values to offer then you will be able to ‘do little and get more results.’ By the time your own results also start coming, people will say that you too just got lucky.
There is no secret about the myth of luck. If someone seems to have been lucky, someone else may have worked for what they are enjoying or they themselves worked for it at a time you didn’t know.
Find out how to work and get your own results to rather than tying results to getting lucky.

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