Don’t use goals as tools for competition | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes people get into an unnecessary competition with other people by trying to set goals that are similar to those of the people they’re competing with. If someone is going to a certain school and you just want to compete with the person by going to that same school then you are setting a goal for the wrong reason. It is the same principle with corporations or any other thing in life. You should never set your goals just because someone wants to do that same thing.

There is something about the momentum that is needed to achieve every goal you set in life. Sometimes you lose momentum and you will need encouragement from the initial conviction that you had before you started pursuing the goal. If you had a personal conviction before you started pursuing the goal, staying on course will never be too difficult. You can keep going whenever you remember the things that caused you to set those goals. You can keep going when you remember what you set out to achieve.

If you had set your goal as a competitive tool against another person, what happens to you when the person you’re competing with drops the goal? Will you also drop the goal? Or will you continue to prove that you finished the goal and that other person didn’t finish the goal?

Let other people set their goals. No matter how lofty their goals are, set your own goals. Face your dreams. Be sure that these dreams are not the dreams of other people that you want to live. The dreams you are pursuing must be the dreams that you really need to pursue. It does not make sense to say you’re going to build a 5 star hotel just because you heard one of your friends is doing property development for the hospitality industry. It has to be your dream for you to get into that space too.

Someone might ask, ‘are you saying we cannot be inspired by the dreams of others?’ No that’s not what I am saying. There is a difference between being inspired by the dreams of others and copying the dreams of others. You certainly can learn from people and look at what they have done. This is a different process. You are not watching what they have done just so you can copy them. You are watching in order to learn and to improve your capacity.

When you see others setting ambitious goals, watch how they achieve the goals. It’s okay to be inspired by how they achieved their goals but don’t just see their goals and quickly decide that you are also setting the same goal.

If someone is buying a house this year, don’t just set a goal to buy a house this year too just to show that you can do it. While there is nothing wrong with deciding to buy a house, you need to ask questions about how you will pay for the house. The other person you’re competing with may have saved up for the house. This person may work in a company that will make it easy to pay for mortgage or buy off the property at once.

Be inspired by the goals of others and it is certainly okay to learn from them but do not just copy their goals to compete with them. Develop your own goals and run at your pace.

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