Draw strength from focus | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Even if your goals have not been achieved and you are tempted to switch from hope to anxiety, what you should do is to draw strength from focus. You may just find out that this is a period when it might be a little difficult to keep your focus. Discouragement is a great distraction. Only the strong understand how to work around it.
I have been discouraged before and I truly understand how discouragement can make you lose many more than what you thought you have not achieved. If you are thinking so much about what you could have done and have not been able to do, that can just take away all your energy and you would have lost focus already.
Stay steady! Keep your focus in the middle of the obvious facts. Things don’t always turn out as they seem physically. If you work only with what you see then you will not make any headway in life. Whatever strength is left of you would be drained and you lose completely.
My understanding and experience have taught me to not focus on what I could not have but to draw strength from what I can still get if only I keep my focus. You have to focus on the right thing. Focus on the goal that you set out to achieve.
It may be hard initially to keep your focus in the middle of discouragement but when you keep the goals always before you, it becomes easier. Never take your goal away from sight. There were days in my life when I can simply say that it was my goal that kept me going. I could only draw strength from keeping my focus on the very reason for my existence.
Sometimes things just don’t turn out as I planned. A few things have gone wrong. Some others did not just work. I have been on a few other things for so long that there is no ‘reasonable reason’ to hang on to them anymore. I can’t pretend I have not had reasons to cry. I have wished for better days and a better life in some situations. Some other people have come in at such moments to raise my hope. They raised it so high and crashed it so bad.
Some of those moments could have completely weighed me down and taken all the strength left in me. Just then, I remember the real focus. So long as I don’t lose the real focus I always have strength or can build on the little strength that I have.
You need to draw strength from your focus. That is why your focus has to be really clear. It also has to be strong. If your focus is not clear and strong you can draw any strength from it in the days of discouragement. Please be reminded that the more important thing is not to be weighed down by what you have not had but to focus on what you can still have.
Those who are strong enough to draw more strength from their focus always end up being happy for it. I believe that you will make the most of what’s left even in this year, despite what you have not achieved in the days gone by.
Get up now, wipe your tears and draw strength from your focus. I want to see you smiling at the end of the year and at the end of it all.

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