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A society without dreamers has no future because the future of every society is hinged on the creative imaginations of the people regardless of their age or social background. When people begin to dream hope comes alive for any society. From the beginning of the dream the society may not embrace the dream and may leave the dreamer to struggle with making the dream a reality. In some cases he may be scorned or ridiculed. Some others may deliberately plan how to frustrate the dreamers. They will never do anything with their brains but will also now allow those who are willing to use their brain have enough peace to be able to use it. At the end of it all, when the dream becomes a success, it is the whole society that will rejoice and say, ‘it’s a product of our society.’
For you as a dreamer to celebrate at the end of all troubles and oppositions, you must not be a dreamer without substance! There are many dreamers in the society but there are only a few success stories simply because we have only a few dreamers with substance.
There are different things that make a dreamer the type that has substance and they are things that have to be learnt over time. With any dream that you have, there must be wisdom to accomplish the dream. I have seen some people who are really trying hard in the most passionate settings of ignorance to achieve a dream but do not realize that any dream will thrive on the existence of wisdom. You will need wisdom to know who you should talk to about your dreams and who you should not talk to. You will need wisdom to know when to talk about it and when not to talk about it. You will need wisdom on how to present it and how not to present it. You will need wisdom to know when you are ready to pursue and to know when you are ill prepared and need to gather more experience.
You just can’t go about saying that you have dreams and making so much noise about the dreams. You must understand that giving your dream a substance comes from a lot of personal work done alone in the secret. You will be able to give your dream a substance and build substance in yourself when in isolation for the purpose of brainstorming and meditation simply to see how best to make things work. A dreamer without substance will go all about making noise about the dream and not sit down in his closet to work out and fine tune the details. A dreamer without substance is more interested in being celebrated for having a laudable idea rather than having results for the idea.
If you really want to have a dream you must ensure that the dream is worth your time and the attention of the people you are going to talk to about the dream. I have always said that, ‘if your dream is not big it will not get my attention.’ In sitting down to work out the details of your dreams, you will be able to process thoughts on the possible oppositions or challenges and possible solutions for them. You will be able to work out details for the sustainability of the dreams that you want to build even after you are gone.
When you hear some dreamers speak, you can tell that the dream and the dreamer have no substance because they have not sat down to work out the details of the dream. You can have a nice big dream but a nice dream cannot give itself substance. Don’t just have a dream that can be talked about. Have a dream that can materialize and even outlive you!
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