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Every great speaker understands the importance dressing plays when it comes to confidence during presentations and obviously do not take it for granted as they know their dressing can boost or burst their confidence! This also comes to the fact that you really need to understand yourself and what works for you because there’s really no general rule that anyone can pick and work with effectively as far as dressing is concerned. You will have to work on being confident in what you wear so what we can do is to take a good look at what can make you feel confident. When preparing for any presentation, always bear in mind that what you are wearing can make your presentation easier or a little more difficult if little or no attention is given to dressing.
What do you think about or what should you consider when dressing for a presentation?
The first and the most important thing when dressing for a presentation is usually to ask questions about what kind of event it is that has warranted the presentation you are about to make? The occasion is always the first thing that determines what to wear!
It is important for you to ask yourself what time the meeting will start and what time you are expected to start your presentation. This will help determine if you should have bright colours something that’s not too bright or just formal!
Some events have their dress code and in a number of cases, speakers may not be careful enough to check their invitation cards or letters very well to see the dress code. Some other events may not have written dress code but once you hear the kind of event it is then you know you have to go formal or casual.
While choosing what to wear, you will need to put to consideration the distance you also have to travel before getting to where you will deliver your presentation! If you really have to travel a long distance then you might consider wearing something else before you get to the venue and then get a place to change into what you really intend to wear! This is important because long journeys might just mess up your cloths. You may look so tired by the time you arrive and the cloths may no longer be tidy and that will affect your confidence when you get into the hall and see that every other person is looking so clean!
How smart are you going to look in what you have chosen to wear? Being very smart in what you have chosen to wear does help your confidence a great deal and it must not be too tight because some people think that smart cloths have to be tight! When it becomes too tight it may make you feel uncomfortable when you need to walk or just move around to demonstrate! This applies to both male and female presenters who have to deliver a presentation!
Your shoes should not be too tight! It’s better if your shoes don’t make too much noise because the noise from the shoes can take the attention away from your presentation and people may begin to focus on your shoes instead of the presentation.
You really don’t have to going around after the latest cloths just to deliver a presentation but whatever you have must look very clean and presentable! Remember you will have to greet people and they should feel very comfortable hugging you when they want to!
Don’t wear wristwatches that dangle too much such that during presentations you will have to be adjusting the wristwatch every minute! It should stay fit on your wrist if it is not a chain wristwatch. For the chain wristwatch, it was designed to be long so that whoever buys it can then adjust it! When you choose to buy and wear one, make sure you adjust it and don’t let it distract your listeners when you have to present a paper. Whatever kind of wristwatch you are also wearing should not be pushing your sleeves up just to get a place on your wrist! Some people wear wrist watches and also wear long sleeves so you find out that the sleeves can barely go over the wrist watch because it’s big and it’s probably not a chain wristwatch! When you wear long sleeves and you realize that your wristwatch will make your sleeves look funny or keep pushing it up then I suggest you wear a chain wristwatch on such sleeves! Remember, you are supposed to have different wristwatches for different occasions!
By now you should know that you are not supposed to wear a striped tie on a striped shirt or jacket! When one of these pieces of cloth is striped, all others should be plain!
Always remember to remove the labels on your cloths! I see a lot of people walking around with labels on the wrist of their jackets and they simply don’t know that it should be taken off after purchase!
When you choose to knot a tie, the acceptable length for ties is the tip of your belt! Your tie must touch the tip of your belt and the knot of your tie should be average. It should not be too big such that it takes all the attention around your face!
Ladies are not expected to wear cloths revealing their cleavages while preparing to take a presentation. That’s a big tool for distraction!
It is advisable that you reduce the jewelleries you would wear during presentations and just keep them very simple. They can distract you or more importantly, the people who need to listen to you and the purpose of your presentation would have been defeated when your listeners are being distracted by what you are wearing!
There are a number of other things to consider when dressing for a presentation but what you already have above will still take you through a great deal or what you can call the basics to be considered while presenting.
In whatever you wear, look good, be happy, be comfortable and appear smart!
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