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In the journey of life we will find that the real thing that will help us to get to where we are going will begin from our thoughts but we will also have a challenge if what we do is to think like every other person around us. In order to get to where we are going, we must be able to drift away from conventional thoughts and if we fail to do so we will just end up like every other person around.
One of the reasons it might take some time for us to see different innovations except for improvement on what has been done is this issue of drifting from conventional thoughts. If you think like every other person around you then you will end up like all of them because you all will have the same problems and will be looking for the same solutions. Our nations today have gotten to a stage where the problem is not really what to do or how to do what needs to be done but the leaders are stuck with thinking conventionally and they really cant do much with just thinking in one direction and doing what has always been done.
You have the power of thoughts not only to be able to carry out the simple daily activities that you need to carry out. When you are growing you will need to learn some things and try to do them as often as possible. When you get to a level they will become a habit and at that point you don’t have to think to do them because they have become part of you. At that level you are no longer thinking because what you are doing is already in your subconscious mind and can come spontaneously to you.
In order to drift from conventional thoughts you need to deliberately go out of your way and let your mind focus on things that have not settled into your mind already. This has to be done sacrificially because a lot of people find it difficult to spend some time thinking and that partially because thinking requires a high level of mental concentration in order to get results for some issues.
There are thoughts flying in the air and we really can afford to catch them only if we are going to take the deliberate effort to move beyond conventional thoughts. The conventional thoughts, for us to get a proper view of what I am talking about will be divided into two categories and they are:
1.The things that we naturally have in our minds or that we do as a result of routine
2.The other is about thinking just the way every other person thinks or saying that is the way the society thinks.
Anybody who sticks to these two that have been listed above will hardly be creative and no novel original, new, fresh, different, unusual, unique idea can ever come from that person. Those who have ever become solution providers to the world as a result of their thought revolution are those who take the time and the energy needed to drift away from conventional thoughts and are making the world easier for us to live.
Make out the time and spare the energy! Take a ride out of your conventional thoughts today and ask yourself how your thoughts will be able to add value to the entire human race!
©Fola Daniel Adelesi
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