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It has been observed that expectations usually rise towards the end of the year. Anxiety will increase and some people will become afraid. They start thinking more about the things that need to be done and the things they could not achieve. Some of you may have so many ideas that you have abandoned because you think they did not work and will not work.
Instead of thinking about what will not work, I think it is time to dust the old files. All those ideas you kept somewhere because you have not received support for them, this is the time to bring them up again.
I can imagine that you are discouraged because your ideas have only received commendations but the commendations have not translated into sponsorships or partnerships. While you are looking for a partner or a sponsor all you get is another admirer who says your project looks really good. You have a brilliant idea and they keep telling you that it’s people like you we need in this nation.
You can also imagine that I have been there. I have had so many people say that I have brilliant ideas and they can work but they will never put their money where their mouths are. I guess you have become tired of these people who can be sweet talkers but will never do anything meaningful to help your dream.
Maybe after a while you got too tired and you forgot about the dream. You left all the ideas in a file and you began to pursue the dreams of other people. You just forgot about your own. In fact, you don’t remember that you have any dream until you see people talking about their dreams. Once in a while you are inspired to think about the dream when you see a few people achieving.
Instead of neglecting your dreams in those dirty old files, I think it is time to pick them up. I think you need to pick up the files and run with the ideas when every other person is giving up. You should not give up because the things you tried last year did not work. You may have tried them two years ago but they did not work. It does not mean that they will not work.
Instead of saying that something did not work, why not ask yourself what happened? You need to know what went wrong or what you did not do correctly. If you can pick out the things you did not do correctly then you might be able to see what needs to be done in order to move forward.
Most times, what gets done or what is seen as a new innovation is something that some has tagged impossible. I remember someone at some point said nothing will be invented again. I really wish the person will be alive today to see the speed of innovation that this generation has to cope with.
You are going to see the reality of that dream. That dream will not be limited to just papers. Pick them up. Try new people if some people already failed you. Go to a new location if you think the problem was the location. Don’t just give up because every other person is giving up and saying things are hard. You can be the one to prove them wrong. Things may be hard for others but they may be forced to see that in hard times things can still work if only you will try.
I believe in you. I believe in your dreams and I think they can work. Just keep working at it until it works.

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