Eating your yam of lies | © Fola Daniel Adelesi.

I am sure you know what a tuber of yam is and you probably have also eaten it before. If you have then you are probably wondering what ‘yam of lies’ is all about. Or is there anything like that? Just wait till you are done reading this. It will be something that you need to remember for a long time and also work with in your life.
One day I heard a simple illustration from someone I can’t remember right now. I think someone lied around him or he was just playing around with proverbs then he came up with this interesting one. He said, ‘if a man has only two (2) tubers of yam and claims that he has five (5), by the time he is done eating the real tubers of yam that are just two he will have to eat the remaining lies – the nonexistent tubers of yam.’
What that meant to those of us who heard it then was that if you claim to be bigger than what you really are, you will have to live in deceit to live up to the false impressions you have already given. If you have only two tubers of yam and that’s what you have told everyone, no one will expect more than two tubers of yam from you. And if you never gave people a larger than life impression you will of have to struggle to keep up with you deceit or larger than life image.
Without dragging this too much I think the morale of the story is simple. Just be who you are and don’t say you are more than what you are. If you don’t do that then your life will be very simple or less complicated.
Be careful when you talk or when you are tempted to brag. Those who talk and sound very big in order to create a big impression about themselves easily run into trouble. Their mouths are the fastest routes to trouble. At the end of the day when trouble comes it will be followed by disgrace.
You have nothing to lose for being just who you are and letting people see you just the way you are. Go on and live a less complicated life so you don’t have to eat tubers of lies instead of tubers of yam!

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