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If you follow these steps you can start a business without a capital and think about you capital later! 


  1. Get a Vision/ Idea / Concept
  2. Organize the Vision/ Idea/ Concept
  3. Get the 1st Power of a Visionary – Information.
  4. Identify your resources.
  5. Know where to get it.
  6. Learn how to get it.
  7. Brand your vision/ idea/ concept (Branding can fetch what you need)
  8. Spot/ Create a market for your idea.
  9. Place a value on the idea – for your clients and for yourself.
  10. Start small like the balloon
  11. Draw a plan (but never expose it if it will not attract your capital)
  12. Sell yourself before you sell your idea to Partners/ Sponsors/ Buyers. (Self – Packaging, Reputation, Credibility, Information)
  13. Go for your capital.

         Make people pay upfront since you don’t have the capital.

         Good make-up for your idea makes it worth wooing.

         Negotiate a deal not a favour. (Show them what’s in it for them)

          Get a loan

  1. Deliver what you promise and in good time.
  2. Offer freebies to people (They will advertise you. That’s what multinationals do)
  3. To sustain your business don’t continue on people’s money.
  4. Create a stable/ consistent income channel.
  5. Change how you do what you do to get bigger. – Be consistently innovative.
  6. Draw another plan (New operation, New market, Extension plan)


Lecture By Fola Daniel Adelesi


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