Edible Pen Group

The group comprises:
1. Edible Pen Training – Edible Pen Training is the foremost training firm regarding leadership, organizational productivity, personal productivity and change management. We have effectively trained several organizations on Identity Crisis and also offer management trainings and capacity building across board. We take care of customer service, communication and effectiveness trainings to produce well-grounded staff. Send a mail to training@edibelepen.org to know more about our trainings.
2. Edible Pen Media – Edible Pen Media works on inspirational radio and television shows. We help with the conceptualization of ideas and creating program contents for different purposes. You can trust us with the entire production of your program and we are working on starting our own TV/Radio with live streaming by the year 2026. Our specific services include:
I. Media Consulting
II. Media Promotions
III. TV/Radio Productions
IV. Social Media and Online Presence Management.
3. Edible Pen Publishing – Publishing first class books and handling any of your regular publishing needs. This company specializes in publishing biography. We also publish other books as requested by clients. Our yearly goal is to do about 5 biographies for successful people who are models for young people.
Our works already published include:
I. Hope of the zealots – A collection of poems published in 2005
II. Indebted to Ignorance written by Fola Daniel Adelesi – June 2008
III. Writing Business Proposal by Fola Daniel Adelesi – November 2008
IV. Tertiary Education: A train of potentials going nowhere too fast by Princess Adetope A. Kosoko in 2015.
4. Edible Pen Ventures – Edible Pen Ventures is a complete event management company that takes care of anything you can imagine – From securing venues to handling food, MC, Security, Publicity, Invitations, Live Bands/DJs, Decorations and anything that brings your event to life.
5. Edible Pen Foundation – This is the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Edible Pen Group. The focus of the foundation is to inspire the entrepreneurial drive of young people by supporting their dreams of starting and sustaining small businesses. The Foundation will also help see some bright young students through school and the final part of its responsibility is to help teenagers gain direction. We will achieve this by providing mentoring to teenagers through extensive talks and visits to several secondary schools within and outside Nigeria. The arms or projects under the foundation include:
I. Entrepreneurial Development & Business Support Services (EDBSS) – This platform will simulate a ‘close-to-free’ business school for people who show some interest in building businesses but can’t raise enough funds for formal business trainings. The participants will also get pro-bono consulting for their businesses so that they can build sustainable businesses and also pass their lessons to other people around them.
II. Educational Advancement Program (EAP) – We hope to seek out young intelligent people who have some constraints that will not let them pursue a proper education. Our focus will not be on the extremely intelligent but to make sure we help a good number of people get an education so that they can at least figure out what to do with their lives. This education may be in formal schools or some vocational and other training schools. At the end of the educational journey, the beneficiaries of this program must be able to say some value has been added to them and with that value, they can be self-reliant
III. Teenagers’ Mentoring Class (TMC) – The Teenagers’ Mentoring Class is one of the earliest initiatives of the Edible Pen Group. With the mentoring class, we intend to help teenagers gain direction in life. Because of this, we have started visiting several secondary schools in Nigeria, since that is where most teenagers are, and we will be visiting several secondary schools outside Nigeria.
Core Values (ICE)
1. Integrity
2. Competence & Character
3. Excellence
We at Edible Pen are very concerned about bringing out the best in people and we go all out to ensure they are able to maximise their potentials. This happens either because of a direct contact with Edible Pen or because of some of our activities.
We urge you to get in touch to request services or quotes from any or all of our businesses.
It will be a great pleasure to do business with you.
Thank you.
The Edible Pen Group
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