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I should start by saying I am all for getting good education and going to some of the best schools around the world if you can afford the bills. You may get some needed exposures and probably meet some of the people you will need in your life in the process but don’t ever believe that just getting an education is what will make you wealthy!
Is it not amazing that most of us are going to schools or have already gone to school so as to get a good job and live comfortably well? Simply put, you went to school so that you can make money in life but they never get to teach you how to make money in school! While the school supposedly prepares you for life, they keep asking you to bring money but they never teach you how to produce the money. In fact, if you delay in taking the money to them they threaten to throw you out of the class.
Interestingly with all the degrees that these institutions award, you still find so many of their professors who are broke. I have heard about doctorate degree holders who were applying for a job as drivers in one of the very big companies in Africa. I also personally know about someone who is a personal assistant in a company yet she has a masters’ degree from a good university. When I saw that I was wondering what a master degree holder was doing in a company where she was made a personal assistant!
What’s my point exactly? I already said you should not be fooled into thinking that you will be wealthy just because you went to school. What you have to do is to self-educate your self on the real things that will give you the wealth you are looking for. Some people may spend four or more years in the institutions of higher learning but what will give you the wealth you are looking for might be learnt under one week in a training. The interesting thing is that the world barely pays attention to that one week training that can change their lives forever but they will give their lives for four years with a professor who is also broke, busted and disgusted yet knows all the theories and the way they should be presented.
You need to get out there and educate yourself properly. Enroll in a college for entrepreneurial training. Learn how to make money with little or nothing in your hands. Learn how to manage people and how to pay for their time. While I am not starting one of those classes here, I should tell you that one of the best ways to make money is not only to learn about money. After learning about money you must learn how to manage people, pay for their time, get them to do what you want and they will make extra money for you.
Again I say don’t be fooled into thinking that getting a degree will bring wealth. Sorry if you already wasted time studying hard to make money through conventional schools. You now have to self-educate and learn the real things that will bring you wealth from unconventional schools – Books, tapes, videos, trainings, coaching and more!

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