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Having known about the things that influence you, it is also important for you to take a cursory look at their effects on you. When you know about something and you don’t know about its effects then you may not take it too serious. The things that influence us are really important but sometimes the more important things are the results or impact of those influences on our lives. If we want to have a good life we cannot afford to allow things to continue influencing us without control. You must learn how to control external influences on your life and when you start doing that you will start enjoying your life.
I recently needed to speak in a place and most of the people in the audience had to be young people. I was also supposed to speak on influence and to break it down to be as simple as possible. In the process, I tried to come up with different things and one of them is the effect of influence on people. I thought that if anyone knows the effect something is having on them they would understand when they see the effect again and start working against it if they don’t want it or ask for more of it if they want it.
Some of the effects that I came up with from influences are:
1. Influence will shape your thoughts – It is the people you listen to from time to time that indirectly make strong deposits into your mind. You may not even be so conscious of this but indirectly, that is how your mind set is formed. The things you hear from people over time will start setting into your mind and that is why it is called mind set. Be careful who you are listening to or what you are listening to. If they have a poor mind they will also pollute your mind. If you think your mind has already been polluted, change what you listen to and start listening to positive people. When you listen to positive people, you stand a chance of renewing your mind.
2. Your actions are determined by influence – What you are thinking about automatically determines what you will do. The implication therefore is that those who make deposits into your thoughts will also determine how you act. Once you start listening to something for too long you will soon start acting in that line. You will want to practice the things that you have heard. If you have also heard the wrong things you will be acting on the wrong things. Take heed that you are not acting on the wrong things.
3. Once your actions are influenced your destiny is already influenced – Your fate or your future will be determined by the actions you are already taking today. Can you see a trend? The influence start with your thoughts and once it starts dominating your thoughts you will start acting on it. Once you start acting on it the action will then determine your destiny. That goes a long way to tell you that the little things you are hearing today are determining your future. If you are feeding your mind on lies then you are already creating a mirage for yourself as your future. Your future that was initially bright will not become bleak. If you have also been listening to or reading the right things and acting on them you will gradually be creating a great future for yourself.
4. You can discover or even lose purpose through influence – I think it is clear that when you listen to purpose conscious people or read from them you will begin the journey on the path of purpose. You will want to know your purpose and also fulfill it. That is a great way to live your life. There are those who have also started out on the path on purpose who might allow negative influences somewhere along the way. If you have started fulfilling purpose and you start allowing the negative influences you may lose your purpose to influence. I know of some great musicians you started out well with either gospel or inspirational songs but when you listen to them today you wonder what they are singing about. Some other Public Speakers also started with great messages and they were making a lot of impact on the people listening to them but today, their messages have been altered. They just repeat themselves without making any impact anymore.
5. Influences around will determine your success or failure in your chosen endeavours – There will be influences in your office or any other place of work. You have to be very careful about such as well. If you disregard them you can become a fatal failure when you pay attention to them, you can gain wisdom on what to do. You should take note on the influences in your chosen endeavours and see which one to work with or which one to reject.
6. You can become addicted through influence – There are people who have become addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, movies and so many other negative things simply because of influence. If they had not been around the wrong influence they may not have picked up a wrong addiction. You can be positively addicted to reading or writing and some other positive things. Also you need to know is that whatever addiction you have, if you have any is as a result of influence and you must get rid of that influence. Once you get rid of the negative influence, start working on the positive influence.
I sincerely hope that the points made have been insightful to you. And they will help you see the effects of influences on you either in the negative way or the negative way.
Stop the negative influence on you, start choosing the positive and deliberate influence and determine your destiny from now.

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