Effort over intentions | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There can be a thousand and one noble intentions but only one effort will count. I have seen several people get awards of recognition and those awards are usually given to those making the efforts and not those who have the intentions. You should also remember that no intention to innovate is rewarded. Only a physical innovation which is the proof of effort is rewarded.
There are too many people out there who have good intentions and that may also be you. It is not enough to have good intentions. You have to get up and make that effort. Until you begin to make effort, you may never achieve you desired goals. You may never see the results you want to see in your life.
After some people have finished setting their goals, they don’t make any effort. They simply say to themselves, ‘oh, these goals are too big. Nobody will help me with these ones.’ Some others set their goals and start wondering who will ever help them achieve those goals. I have also seen people who have great plans and instead of making the move regarding those plans, the next thing they think about is how they need so much resources so they never make any move.
When you don’t make a move nothing will move. Sometimes you will think something needs a lot of time to be achieved. Just when you’re thinking your project or other intentions will be achieved in some years, you may make a casual phone call and discover that it will not take as much as you thought.
You may send an email or an SMS only to realize that what you were keeping for some years to come can be achieved in a short while. Don’t just say you intend to do something. Don’t just say I really want to do these things and I will eventually do them.
If you want to change the world you have to remember that you can’t change the world with your intentions alone. I know people say ideas rule the world but they are certainly not talking about ideas on paper or ideas that stay idle in your mind. They are talking about ideas that have been boosted by efforts. Ideas that have received life through the efforts of the carriers are the ideas that change the world.
This is the time to stop talking about your intentions and to start making the efforts. If you really want to be educated, don’t sit down and say you really want to go to school. Get on the internet and start looking for scholarships. I have seen several links to institutions awarding scholarships. I know of some foundations that are awarding scholarships so get online to look for such and get your life moving.
If your desire is to start a business, please stop talking about how big the business will be and what you can do if only you had the money. The first effort to make is to write down the business idea. Speak with a few consultants who can help you with crystalizing the idea. Create a business plan and start meeting with investors. That’s how to make efforts over a business. With a business plan, you can speak with family, friends, venture capitalists or angel investors.
When you make up your mind to get married, don’t say you intend to get married. The man or the woman will not locate you in the corner of your room. Go out. Be sociable. Attend networking meetings or a few other social gathers. Meet people and be friendly.
What you’re planning to do may look really big but a little effort can show some results. When that little effort gives you some results, it then spurs you on to make more effort. Even when you efforts don’t yield any desired result, you should never give up on making efforts. Only efforts will translate ideas into money. Only efforts will translate intentions into results.
What effort do you need to make today? Is it a phone call? Is it a mail? Do you need to go for a meeting? Do you have to start writing that book? Do you need to start painting? Do you need to start saving or even take a loan for that house? Whatever the effort is, just ensure you move from intentions to efforts. 

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