Either favour or labour market! | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Either favour or labour market! | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
Either you are going into the favour or the labour market, one key thing is that you will still have to find out what works and work with it for you to succeed! When you fail to find out what works and work with it then it will not matter what name you call the world outside the four walls of your classroom or university environment.
One of the things we have always had in life is the big issue about misplacement of priorities and the taking of wrong decisions in educational pursuit. Some people dont even stop taking their wrong decisions at the level of educational pursuit, they move the wrong decisions into their career and then it becomes a life-long decision that they will even regret and start telling their children about.
I have heard about people who have gotten long service awards in some organizations probably because they have been there for as long as 25 years or more. Some people have put in 30 years or more into the organizations they work for but they are so filled with regrets at the moment. They are now looking back at their colleagues who did not take up jobs but started their businesses ad are saying, if I had started my own business I would be somewhere today. Some others did not even start their businesses but it was clear that their decisions from the early stage of career in the labour or favour market did not look promising. It was as if they had taken the paths hardly taken and so many others have taken the common paths of comfort. After a while there is a big break for the person who has taken the paths hardly taken and others who started out by taken the popular paths are now regretting.
Let me quickly say to some people and remind others that life is not always about what is working now! A lot of people take their decisions based on what works now and stick with it. They have no foresight about the possible failure of what is working now or the break in the juice of whats working now such that it now becomes filled with frustration. As much as I encourage you to find what works and work with, I also state emphatically that you will be frustrated in life if all you do is get immediate solutions and do not create an approach to a long time issue by preparing for what will be working in a long time to come.
There are people who have taken jobs that they were once happy about but they are now looking for ways to get out but they cannot. Some others have taken jobs that have denied them the joy in their homes or have even broken their marriages. It is the jobs that some other people have that have actually left their children wayward because the job leaves the children to the streets all the hoping and hoping that some good neighbours will take care of them.
For a few others, they have started out well and all the dangers were imminent but they did not see the imminent dangers because of their conspicuous fringe benefits. They are not only forcefully sold out into their careers, their bodies are also gone into the careers and they are now like slaves.
If I have the influence strong enough to advice anybody then I will say this, My Rules For Job Seekers or Job Changers:
1.Always take up a job based on your passion.
2.Never take the job always because of money.
3.Dont take a job you cannot resign from anytime you want.
4.Look at the end from the beginning.
5.Dont get carried away by benefits because the dangers are right there in it.
6.Set your priorities between your job and your family.
7. If there is no job, create one.
8.Learn a skill or a business service so that you will not be afraid of being fired!
9.Never wait till you are fired before you have something else to do.
10.While taking a job you should let your lawyers interpret the terms to you.
11.I dont think you should take a job that takes all your time!
12.Never take a job because of pressure from people.
13.Sometimes the job with the small pay is the better one.
14.Once you lose interest in a job, quit doing it!
15.Your purpose for working must be clearly stated.
I will stop at these for now and will specifically bring up the rules for job seekers and job changers with full attention paid to it.
Some people enter into the labour or favour market and would have changed several jobs or would have tried their hands on several things before knowing what works. I really think you do not have to waster so many years trying to find out what works! If some people do not yield to the pressure of taking up jobs then they would have had the time to sit down and count their costs to know what alternatives to forgo. In all that you do, you should always think ahead by starting out with finding what works and working with it. That is the only way to save your precious time and save yourself from frustration in life!

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