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In making sure that I help people come up with very practical goal, I began to ask myself questions about what the goal should look like. I can say that my answer to that question is birthed the idea of elements of a practical goal.
That simply means when you take a look at a goal that is realistic and properly set, there are a few things you should see in that goal. When you claim to have set your goal and it does not have those things, you need to have the goals reviewed.
These may not be the only elements that your goals should have but I have the following for you to consider:
If you set any goal at all, the goal must be very clear. Until a goal is clear it is hard for you or anyone to work with it. You will struggle with a goal that is not clear and I really don’t see how you even want to achieve that goal. An example of someone who does not have a clear goal is the person that wants to be great in life. Ask the person what he or she will do to become great, the person does not know. Yet, he or she keeps talking about being great.
This kind of person will try all sorts of things that human beings can possibly try just to become great. It becomes a different ball game when you come out to say, ‘I want to become a great inspirational speaker or broadcaster.’ It is clear what your goal is when you say I am going to become a great entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. So your vision has to be very clear.
The reaction of so many people is that you are not God and cannot know everything when you ask them to time some of the things they are doing. My own take on that is you are not ready to do anything great or you are not yet serious about the goal. You have to put a time to your goals when you set them.
It does not mean that all the goals will be achieved in the set time but when you set a time for the goals, it means you know when you want it. Setting a time for goals also presents the goal with a measure of importance or urgency. You will also be able to say that at a given time, this is what you are doing or this is what you will be doing.
Don’t be afraid to add a timeline to your goal. It gives you a sense of direction and helps you to plan, organise or prioritise what needs to become.
I once asked someone to set goals and send me the written goals. I almost started laughing when the goals came back to me. There was no form on personal responsibility in the goal at all. Serious people take responsibility for their goals. They don’t just hope that someday, God will make it happen. They don’t say, ‘if God permits’ or ‘I hope that God will grant my heart desires.’ That is no longer a goal because you have left the responsibility of that goal to God.
While I am sure that you and I need God to get things done, your goals should say what you are going to do in order to make the goals a reality.
For example, you don’t wish to lose weight or hope that God will help you lose weight! When writing your goal, you will state what your weight is, state how much weight you need to lose and by what time when you will add, ‘in order to lose this weight, I WILL enrol in a gym or some kind of fitness centre.
Now that states what your own responsibility is. If you want to make more money you will have to add your own responsibility and not just hope that you will be blessed with more money. What’s your responsibility in the process of making more money? It could be that you have to get a job or do more than one job. It may mean that you want to save or invest. If you are in business you can work out a plan with the aim of doubling your sales. So that clears what your own responsibility is.
Now this almost looks like responsibility but it is a step further than showing what your responsibility is. If I have set a goal to write a book, my responsibility there is to write the book. But that does not show my commitment to writing the book. My commitment can then be that I MUST wake up daily to write 1000 words or more. If I keep the commitment to write 1000 words daily, I can actually have my book in one or two months, depending on the volume of book I intend to write.
If I want to start a business, my responsibility will include funding the business and registering it with the government. Does that show commitment? No! So what will my commitment look like? I can say, ‘I MUST’ set aside a certain amount from every earning or on monthly basis till I raise enough money to register the business and start it properly.
You don’t work in isolation. You need people to help you achieve your goals. You will not be able to do it alone so it does not make sense to set your goals and not have some names attached to the goals you have set. When you set some goals, you will need some other people to help you achieve the goal. So the best thing to do is to put the names of those people in front of those goals and their contact details.
How does this work? It could be that you need some coaching from those people or you want referrals from them. It can be some other things. Almost all your goals will need the attention, support or influence of someone else so you need to start talking to that person or make plans to meet the person if you haven’t met.
Stating who needs to be on the goal for it to become a reality helps a great deal. Sometimes they become the pushers that you need. One of the ways I achieve my goals is to name those that will be involved, give them a call or send an email to them. Once I initiate that move, we hardly stop until we have hit the goal.
When your goals have the elements stated above, then you can be confident that you have set a realistic goal and you must make the move to hit every goal.

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