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Technology is changing the way business is done and the ways customers interact with businesses in the 21st century. It is therefore pertinent for entrepreneurs to embrace technology in order to give their businesses a fair advantage over others who choose to watch technology. There’s no greater leverage for businesses today than the one provided by the amazing technology all around us. It will be a great disaster to even try to build a business today and not integrate technology into that business.
In the early 90s when computers started surfacing in nearly all the offices in Nigeria, some typists whose jobs depended on their ability to use the typewriter refused to make the much needed change. They stuck to their type writers while the world was fast moving to computers. Eventually, most of these people were swept out of the system. What happened? They remained unchanged in a fast changing world
Fast forward to the year 2010 and the years after. Too many smart mobile devices were created and introduced to the market. Before we could blink, another one was already being introduced to the market. Launching a new product was almost a monthly affair. Some manufacturers still refused to watch the trend, make quick decisions and move fast in order to remain relevant. A company like Nokia recently came out to say it did nothing wrong but it still lost. 
The world is changing very fast and before you spell the word change, so much has already changed. The future smells of technology and to remain relevant, you must be abreast of the technology and how it can help your business.
What are the things you can take advantage of under technology and innovation? 
1. Computers – Computers have gone far beyond just typing and storing information. They do a lot more now.
2. Printers
3. POS machines for banking services – With this, you carry less cash around which reduces the risk of losing money and you don’t waste time going to the bank.
4. Mobile money for business transactions – Even the most basic phones and do this and you don’t have to worry too much about receiving or making payments.
5. Social Media – With analytics already in place, you can target who to advertise to and you also get a feedback on how the targeted audience is reacting to your campaign.
6. Plugins on the internet
7. Applications on smart phone devices
8. Office gadgets
9. Automobiles.
Today with technology and the internet, you can:
1. Drive your sales on the internet from the comfort of your room and sell to people around the world.
2. Create publicity for your business and market to people in different parts of the world in less than 24 hours.
3. Engage applications that automate things
4. Technology helps you deliver your services or products faster
5. Increase your turnover and reduce time wasted moving cash around.
6. Cut down on the number of people to employ and buy machines that are even more efficient and can work longer hours.
7. A few things can be automated and costs are greatly reduced when technology is embraced.
8. When startups embrace technology early enough, they get that competitive advantage over their competitors.
When things change, a lot of people first react instead of welcoming the change. People become easily glued to what they have been doing so much so that they hardly want to change. Don’t ever become so glued to anything that you don’t want to embrace technology and innovation. If you do this, your business will eventually become grounded or be run over by those embracing change.
There’s also no need to do things ‘the good old way.’ Embrace technology, reduce efforts and still double your results.

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