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So our focus will be on how those changers can emerge
Having considered some of the preconditions to becoming a world changer, we now need to see how the world changers emerge. The illustrations below should help our understanding and they can keep us going on the journey to becoming a world changer.
1. Lava into butterfly – When you take a look at the lava you will discover that it does not look like what it will eventually become. If a lava had told you that it will become a butterfly you would have laughed so hard at the lava. The lava could also feel so bad because it does not have any proof that it will become a butterfly. The same thing happens to real human beings who say they will become world changers. They may not look like world changers yet or have any proof that they will become one. At the end of the day, just like the lava eventually becomes a butterfly, they also become world changers. Don’t ever say you will not become a world changer because someone looks at you and says you don’t look like a world changer.
2. Sperm cells into baby and birthing – How can we ever imagine that liquid, because I think that’s the best way to put it, is the only thing deposited into the woman by a man and that’s what grows into a child? When you see the liquid it does not look like anything that has the capacity to become a child but when it is in the right place it becomes a child. You may not look like what you say you will become but when you consistently stay and work in the right place, it’s only a matter of time before you become what you should become.
Since the topic mentions world changers then we need to consider change. There’s no one who becomes a world changer without knowing something about change. You should know where to change things, how to change things and what to expect when initiating change. Some of those things are:
1. The first prerequisite for change is dissatisfaction. When you are satisfied with everything around you there’s no way you can be talking about change. You only think of changing something you don’t like. It therefore means that to be a world changer, you must have seen certain things you are dissatisfied with.
2. Change will always be resisted. Prepare your mind that change will always be resisted. It may never come easy even in the midst of the brightest minds. People find it easier to continue with those things or norms that they are used to. That’s why they resist change. It will drive them out of their comfort zone and make them think hard.
3. You have to change yourself first. If you don’t change yourself first then you can’t change any other person. It is important that people see changes in your own life before they expect you to make changes in them. In fact, the best way to lead change is to let the change begin with you with proven results.
4. The change will be gradual. You should never expect that changes will be instant. Sometimes, when you drive change too hard or too fast, you will spoil too many things. It will be like trying to bend a smoked hard fish. What you have to ensure is that the change is consistent even if it is gradual. By the time it picks up, you will be amazed. Somewhere along the line it can even jump faster than you expected.
5. To change the world you begin from your sphere of influence. As they always say, start small. Begin from where you are. Always bear in mind it’s easier to change one person at a time than it is to try and change a group of people. However, as you grow your influence, it becomes easier for you to change more people at the same time.
6. Change will cost you something. To be a world changer you must be prepared for some sacrifices. I think that you can make a little change with your mouth but you can make more changes when you understand it will cost you something and you pay the price. It might be your time, energy, money or other possessions. Some extreme changes have even cost the changers their lives.

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