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Where to start the change
To begin the change, start with the following that I refer to as the gateways to your mind:
1. Eyes – What you see can limit the changes you can dream about and effect. Make sure you are seeing the right things that also challenge your mind positively.
2. Ears – Be careful about what you hear. If you hear the wrong things then you will be limited and can’t be a world changer. Things that you hear consistently, according to Rev. Sam Adeyemi, become your predominant thought. They also have the capacity of becoming your reality.
3. Mouth – What you say is what you get. If you are not saying much then you don’t get much. If you talk about little change then you get very minimal changes. If you talk about big changes then you can expect very big changes.
4. Skin- This is to represent how you feel. What you feel has a lot to do with what changes you can even talk about.
What are your tools for change?
No one emerges as a world changer without a tool for change. You must be able to brag about a tool that you will use to change the world. If you don’t have a tool for change or have not discovered one then you need to start from there.
Don’t expect to change the world just by asking people to change. The world will not change just by your expectations and the words of your mouth. There must be something – talents, skills, abilities, services to render – that will be your tool for changing the world.
There were some world changers in the Bible. Let’s see what tool they used.
1. Abraham had the skills for cattle rearing and ability for battle. He alone took men from his house to go an fight and rescue lot. He also negotiated for lot when God was to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.
2. Isaac had seeds to sow.
3. Jacob was industrious and strategic. He operated by heaven’s revelation incattle rearing.
4. Joseph had wisdom and revelation to interpret dreams. He also sho administrative skills.
5. Daniel had the excellent spirit of God. He also had the grace for intercession.
6. Samson had the jaw bone of an ass and killed more than a thousand people.  Ow that’s not ordinary.
7. Moses had a rod. God used the rod in his hands to help him lead people out of bondage. The same rod became a snake and also drilled water out of the rock.
8. David had the heart of a Shepard and that qualified him for leadership.
9. Paul had zeal or passion and that put him in radical evangelism.
10. What do you have in your hands? That was the question God asked Moses before telling him where he would be a change agent.
There must be a tool that you have because that tool is what will become your greatest instrument for change. To become a world changer, quickly identify that tool for change already given to you.
Next phase of change
Picking an industry is the next phase of change. It will be a mirage to think that you can change the world and all the industries at the same time. You have to start from a place. Some of us will start the needed revolution from the consulting world, politics, media, medical world, educational sector or the religious sector. You have to pick an industry to start from because you also belong to a field. Your influence is expected to be stronger there and you can speak authoritatively.
You can then grow to a level where your influence transcends your industry. At that time you can have an impact on several industries at the same time. It might be easier to say one thing and millions of people follow.
Something always happens for a world changer to emerge. And what happens before the emergence is as important as what happens after the emergence of the world changer. Some of those things that should happen include:
1. Discovery – There must be self discovery, purpose discovery and skill discovery.
2. Understanding – Have an understanding of who you are, where you operate and the skills that will be needed for your purpose.
3. Preparation (David was prepared before he was needed by Saul) Time and chance happeneth to them all – only the the prepared will get the best of time and chance. Never wait for the time and the chance before you start preparing.
Start now and you can emerge as a world changer.

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