Emotional choices or Informed choices? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Every day we are faced with the need to make choices but the problem is that from those choices that we make, more problems emerge! I would have thought that the reason we are given the privilege to make those choices is so that we reduce the problems we are facing or have to face. Why do we have to face more problems even with the opportunity to choose? It is as simple as, in some cases, making emotional choices rather than informed choices!
I believe that that the word choice is not difficult for you to understand to we might just need to clarify what emotional or informed choices are. Picture a situation where someone needs to buy a car. Before buying the car he has suffered and has been walking around on his feet for years. There are places where he probably has been embarrassed so he finally gets the money to buy the car. Now the first thing he did was to look out for a car shop and simply bought the first car he found that his money could buy. As far as I am concerned, that’s an emotional choice. He simply made that choice thinking about the fact that he has been suffering and desperately needs a car!
Think about another man who has gone through exactly the same situation as the first. While still going through that situation he has been talking to people about what kind of car a first timer should buy? Which car is most fuel efficient and has cheaper spare parts that are available where you live? What are the things I need to know about the car maintenance or regarding the roads around here? What about law enforcement? By the time someone asks all these questions and more before going to buy a car, you will realize that he or she has made an informed choice! The car that this person is buying might not necessarily be a better car but because he is more informed in his decision making process, he stands a chance of having his car longer than the person who just bought it thinking about his past!
For so many of us, we go out there on daily basis making choices just by how we feel. An emotional choice is simply that choice that is determined by your feeling while the informed choice is based on the information or say knowledge that you have gathered. On the long run, it will most pay off to make decisions based on the information that we have.
Somewhere along the line when we have to make decisions, there might be a mixture of our feelings and information. In other words, you combined how you feel with what you know to make a choice but it is never an ideal thing to make choices based on what you feel alone.
One other terrible area where too many people are making emotional choices and it’s making them lose their peace every day is in the area of marriage. Many years ago in Africa, and especially in Nigeria, the culture demands that you spend time knowing the person you wanted to marry and the person’s family. You will want to know their antecedents. Is this person coming from a family where they hold integrity as something dear to them? There was the process to make sure that a man does not marry from, not just an unknown family, but a family that cannot be trusted. The women were not also allowed to marry irresponsible men no matter how flat or hard you have fallen in love. In this present day, most of that is gone and you can marry someone simply because you like their beautiful cloths or heights, looks, size and the kind of education they have or because of the money they have! It’s an emotional choice that has destroyed many!
There are a number of other areas but the most important thing for you right now is to always think about what you want to do or have already done. Ask yourself if what you have done is simply an emotional choice or an informed choice.
Get your emotions out of the way and make informed choices! You will have a better life and you can say that you lived happily ever after for making those informed choices.     

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