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Many of the people you call entrepreneurs or great men in different fields today are the people who have empowered a thought at some point. There are millions of thoughts that strike us on daily basis but it is important for us to not only have a mind that can think, but to cultivate the habit of empowering the thoughts that our minds can conceive.
What will be the essence of the rigorous mental exercise that we go through on daily basis with the tons of thoughts that we process but never hold unto and give a life? You have to move beyond just thinking about things and go ahead to do something on those things you have been thinking about.
Have you been in a place where great ideas are being discussed or unveiled in form of products and services? Have you also heard anyone saying, ‘I once had an idea like this?’ If you have been in that kind of event or can picture what I have just described then think of one thing for a moment. Do you think the people gathered at the event to celebrate the one who simply had a thought or the one who had empowered his thought?
The world is full of thoughts in form of ideas. I see so many people on daily basis who have one idea or the other but these ideas are never birthed. Why is it that the ideas don’t come to life? It is because the carriers of those ideas in form of thoughts have not empowered them!
I think that the process of empowering a thought can be likened to that of a pregnant woman. When a woman is carrying a baby, there are several things the woman has to do in order make sure the baby is empowered and delivered safely. There are drugs she might be required to take just to pass calcium to the baby. The woman herself needs strength in order to deliver the baby safely. It is dangerous to go into the labour room when the woman does not have enough strength to push the baby out.
Please note that your own thoughts also require a few things to gain strength and you also need strength to deliver the thoughts safely. What must you do to empower those thoughts? Some of them include:
Always write down your thoughts – writing it down first makes it easy to remember.
Try to give it some flesh – explain it. Describe what is in your mind. Give details of what you are thinking about.
Discuss it – talk to some brilliant minds about it. Your opinion may not be right on some issues or it may be from just one perspective. Relating with others will help you.
Act on the thoughts – I have seen people who have had ideas for years but have never acted on any of them. They have them written. They discuss with so many people but they never act.
Be flexible and open to other thoughts – I have come to see that there is no better way to kill a thought than to make it look like the only right thought. This will not let you see things from the perspective of others and you then become limited.
Stop allowing those thoughts cross your mind just because you can think and you are in your right senses! Pick them up like you would pick some helpless children from the streets, nurture them and empower those thoughts! Let your own thoughts also become the ideas that generations to come will celebrate!    

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