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Pictures have a magical way of working on us and as well helping us to achieve some of the things that we intend to achieve but in order for the pictures to work for us, we have to deliberate harness the powers the pictures have! It’s amazing how a simple picture can take us to where we are going in life and how a simple picture can remind us of the future and in another way, help us to maintain a focus until we achieve more than we can ever imagine!
I once heard about how Rev. Sam Adeyemi wanted a particular car several years ago and he cut out the picture of the car which he had printed from the internet. The picture was posted somewhere in his bedroom and he had it there until when the money for the car surfaced. By the time he was going to by the car, he had forgotten about the picture on the wall and told his wife he was buying a certain car. Another person who was with him convinced him to check a different one and when he finally did, he went back home to tell his wife he was not going to buy the other car but a different one. As soon as he mentioned the one he was going to buy, the wife said, ‘yes, that’s the picture we have always had on the wall!’ When he looked at the picture again, it was exactly the car he had been expecting! You can’t underrate the power of pictures on your mind and how it plays into your future even when you are not conscious of it.
It’s because of the power of pictures that people have been told to be very careful about the kind things the see all the time! If you see poverty all the time then you will always be in the picture of poverty even if you were not poor at the time you started seeing the poverty and if you deliberately put a picture of wealth in your mind you will soon move into the wealth that you see!
Pictures can be cut from magazines, books or even downloaded from the internet just to keep reminding you of what you would like to achieve or who you would like to become. Sometimes you may not be able to get such pictures in print but you should be able to create such pictures in your mind! I have pictured myself becoming the Senior Prefect of a secondary school before and it eventually happened! I have also pictured myself becoming the Secretary General of a Model United Nations’ conference comprising more than 30 tertiary institutions in Nigeria and it happened! Before I started appearing on television and talking on radio, I pictured it and in some cases practiced talking on television and radio from the corner of my room! Imagination works and you have to begin to imagine or create pictures of the future in your imagination!
I can say that those who will not have a really beautiful life are those who have not imagined it because you can always have it so long as you have imagined it! Cut a picture of a house you would like to live in and paste in a place you will easily see it! Cut a picture of a car, bedroom, office, people you would want to be with and cities that you would like to live in and just continue with your daily hard work! As you continue to imagine you must also continue to work but life can be a lot easier when you imagine beforehand the things you would love to have, the places you would love to go and the person you would want to become! Get or create the pictures that will lead you to your future today!
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