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Welcome to the last few days of the year 2014. I am indeed excited to be alive not because I have it all together but because when there is life there is hope. I also understand that when hope is deferred the heart may be sick but the more important factor really is to have life.
When you don’t have life you can’t talk about hoping for something. It does not matter what you have not achieved so far. The only time your achievements can be a real concern is when you have life. Those who are dead have no privilege to think about what they have not achieved! You can because you are alive.
For that reason, I think we need to be very grateful for what we still have which will now pave way for those other things that we are expecting. I am thankful for life and grateful for the breath in my nostrils. I appreciate the ability to be able to talk and write with my hands. I like the fact that I can see and I know it is not my making. I am also very appreciative of the ability to be able to smell and do all the other things I can do.
Now to the other things that you and I are still hoping for in the last days of the year. Sometimes when the time left is lesser than the time already used, things usually seem impossible. Some people start panicking while a few others just give up completely. they say it is over. They don’t expect that what was not achieved from the beginning of the year will still be achieved in the little time left.
I remember the story of a man that someone told me. In a certain year he was still a tenant. While he was at a meeting someone said to him, ‘do you realize you can still own a house before the end of this year?’ The man said he believed it. The interesting thing is that nothing happened until the last day of that year. It was the 31st day of December when someone walked up to him and transferred a property to him.
There was a year when my wife and I were just trying to manage the little resources we had left before we cross into the New Year. We knew that we had to manage since most companies were on holidays and no one would pay until work resumes the following year. In fact, I will be more honest to say we were not expecting anything from anywhere.
Just while we were having the conversation on how to manage the resources, a call came in from someone I did something for. He simply told me he had something for me and asked how soon I could get to where he was. This was the last day of the year when it was not expected that people will be talking about paying. Immediately after the call, my expectations rose. A figure came to my mind but I thought, ‘what if they give me double of that?’ by the time I got there, it was actually the double that I got!
When everyone is thinking that the year is almost over and they are losing their energy, the athletes act differently. When you see an athlete who seems to have been taking it easy from beginning, especially in a long distance race, the person gathers all the energy left and puts it into the last lap of the race. Why do they do this? That’s because the last lap of the race is what determines or produces the winner. Take a look at those involved in a marathon race. The four man team may have started badly or something may have gone wrong in the middle of the race but when the last man receives the baton, he throws himself completely into the race. Everyone counts on him to deliver. The last man on the team is seem as a game changer. Even if the race had been good from the beginning, the last man is still expect to throw in some energy in order to finish well.
I believe that you can still throw in some energy just to make sure that you finish well. Don’t act like it is finished and there is nothing you can do anymore. Act like the man who’s in the last leg of a relay race and is the game changer. You are indeed a game changer and note that these last days count even much more than the past days. You can still end well and you will but the energy of the last lap – it could be faith to still expect results or faith to still act and get results – is still needed. Go and finish strong because you can!

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